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Today, I finally told my father that I was picked on at college all this year over my hearing disability. When I told him one of the jokes they made about me, he burst out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. FML
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Sometimes you just got to laugh it off. Don't let all the bulling define who you are. If you show it doesn't hurt you, they will stop.


I'm hard of hearing, and so is my boyfriend. Never take shame in your hearing, it's really not that big of a deal. Deaf community would totally accept and support you! Learn some sign language, you'll need that when you're older and deaf;)

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78, it's really not. There was a woman in my counseling class who is hard of hearing and she carried a microphone with her and give it to the teacher and she'd record too. She always told us and said she didn't want people treating her differently and when we spoke to her to not yell either. Lol. Although one time she was giving a presentation and didn't know how to pronounce a word. We tried helping her by saying it and she said "what? I can't hear you guys remember!" haha talk about awkward x)

How is it that I make a sarcastic hepatitis joke and I get my comment buried in downsides, yet this guy wants to hear the joke and gets hailed as the second coming of Christ or something.

Man I love when these conversations make no sense. Keeps me busy wondering...

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Come on 44 what are you, a hormonal teenager who craves attention and acceptance? Oh wait, based on your picture I'm going to assume yes.

Whoa dude, calm down, I was just asking a question, and sorry about the picture I guess, no need to flip a shit about it.

And #57, you obviously crave attention too if you had to pile on with this.

come on guys be friendly to each other! fine, you're both nice people. how about a hug now?

lmfao @#77 I've got hugs for you! #44 we all wanna hear the joke.

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68, well to answer your question, maybe it's because 2 is funny and it was a "no pun intended" situation but it could have been intended as a pun... and he wouldn't have complained if he got down voted.

Sometimes you just got to laugh it off. Don't let all the bulling define who you are. If you show it doesn't hurt you, they will stop.

I don't know about you, but I tend to have a cow after being bulled.

Animal companionship can help a lot, but a cow is rather big.

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All this talk of cattle makes me udderly horny!

Tried that I spent a whole year ignoring it in 6th grade. I suffered physical injury a few times. My school did nothing and I ignored it. Until I got in trouble for finally hitting back.

Complete bullshit. They will not stop until u punch them in their ******' face.

It sucks, but I'd probably do the same thing. It doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. Just some things are really funny. Don't let it bother you too much. And screw people at college, they can be dicks. Just gotta grow a thick skin. It's not a reflection upon your personality. Cause everyone gets dealt different cards.

Hey anon I know how it is I myself have a hearing loss and have to where hearing aids but my coping is I make fun of myself like saying "u didn't hear me than borrow my hearing aids." And stuff like that