By Tiana - Canada
  Today, I was watching a movie in the basement with my boyfriend when we started to get a little frisky. My mom walks down with dirty laundry and tells him to stop it because I'm creaming all over my undies. She showed him a pair of dirty ones to prove it. FML
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  Roevera  |  14

That's so friggen rude. I mean, if she wanted to take it up with you, do it later or pull her aside. What does it matter what your underwear look like dirty. OP just start doing your own laundry.

  Keyman1212  |  14

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  GoW_Chick  |  14

For some reason all I could think about when I read this FML is the 80's band warrant's song cherry pie, waaaay to early to be reading these things and not have weird thoughts.

  DjeePee  |  24

38, do you really think that showing your daughter's dirty underwear to her boyfriend is not rude? Or humiliating? Or extremely awkward? Heck, every girl loses bodily fluids, whether they're getting frisky or not. No need to shove that under her boyfriend's nose.

You might have a point about doing her own laundry (but then again, if the mother wanted OP to do her own laundry, she could have asked that), but isn't it more efficient if one person is in charge of the laundry instead of every member of the house? Just questioning. I don't have my own household yet, but my mother (often also my father) takes care of the laundry of everyone and that goes smoothly.

  lissyplz  |  0

Listen OP. As far as I'm concerned, if you're old enough to "get frisky," then you're old enough to do your own laundry in order to avoid future embarrassment :)

  emilyjgraham  |  34

I agree 82, I live in a household of 5 and if all of us did our own the bills would be sky high. for that reason my mum does the laundry all together, more economical that way! also, don't mean to gross but some girls have more 'vaginal discharge' than others. my mother would never say that in front of my boyfriend due to the fact that a girl can not do much about the amount she has! it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's old enough to get 'frisky' it begins when her periods do.


Whether she is old enough to be doing her laundry or not that's beside the point. If her mother has a problem with the dirty undies and would rather her daughter do the laundry then it's her job to tell her daughter that in private, not in company. It's rude and unnecessary.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

38 - Who says she's MAKING her mom do it? Maybe her mom insists.

It is most certainly rude of her to do. If she has a problem with something, she can take it up with her daughter in private. There's never a good reason to embarrass someone in front of their friends or SOs.

By  dva976  |  7

Lol! Nice!

  DrMime  |  10

OP if you don't want your mom talking about the 'cream' on your thongs, then might I suggest wearing them backwards and flossing like a big girl.

  lrgenesis  |  19

164 - Obviously you're being way too technical about my half-serious comment. If I said "would be most men's dream girl when she's over 18" would that make you happier?

By  UnleashedKilla1  |  4

You kinda deserve it for fucking when your mom is home