By wtf - 19/10/2016 12:09 - United States - Oxford

Today, it's been 2 weeks since I ordered a printer so I could print schoolwork, that way I don't have to sit on campus so long to print it all out. It just got delivered in Arizona today. I live in New York. FML
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East? I thought you said weast.

I guess sitting on campus printing won't seem so bad compared to driving to Arizona to pick up your documents. Be sure you see The Grand Canyon.


derpina72 23

What the Hell? Did you have a previous Arizona address or something? I sincerely hope you find a way to get your printer or at least a refund, OP!

Yeah I need to know if op entered the wrong address or amazon completely dropped the ball and Fucked up before I vote. Either way it should be a relatively quick fix if you have prime.

lexiieeex3 32

OP here --nope, no previous address. They're sending a new one my way but it's going to take another two weeks. Oh well, to the library I go...

Why does it take two weeks to deliver a printer, though?

10 business days would be about two weeks

Eh im sorry that sucks, but I'm surprised they didn't offer to overnight it since they messed up. In the meantime have fun at the library op (:

derpina72 23

Thank goodness they aren't double charging you, though. I bought gifts for my brother and sister-in-law online once, and I ended up getting charged twice for each gift....It was some kind of mess up on PayPals side.

For future reference, you can get amazon prime at half the price with a student email address.

Well, good luck with that OP!

Post an update when you find out wtf happened here.

I guess sitting on campus printing won't seem so bad compared to driving to Arizona to pick up your documents. Be sure you see The Grand Canyon.

Um..isnt the grand canyon in nevada?

Nope, Arizona. I live just 80 miles away

You're probably thinking death valley, 26. I believe that's in Nevada.

Definitely Arizona, it is "the Grand Canyon state" after all

Death Valley is in California. Try again

Well it's close to Nevada. I guess you learn something new every day.

Geography is hard. The only cool thing in Nevada is Sin City

The person who delivered the package has it all figured out op 1.Start delivering package 2.Somehow get package delivered to a random address in Arizona 3.????? 4.Profit

ApeTheGreatApe 11

Needs more ? I literally lol'd

East? I thought you said weast.

tounces7 27

Lots of Spongebob lovers here clearly :)

Unlucky1232 20

weast? You're fired again.

species4872 19

Don't you guy's have computer shops nearby so you can just drop in and buy one instead of ordering one online Or is it to much trouble to actually go out and buy something these days?

Korra_fml 23

Maybe Amazon had a better deal on them then a local shop... it happens

species4872 19


Obviously you've never been a university student where saving a couple bucks online really counts.

species4872 19

Never was able too back then, The kids go to uni though. So what I get down voted because I never went?

No, I think you're getting downvoted because your original comment comes off as condescendingly implicating laziness on OPs behalf when (1) most people are aware that purchases can typically be made cheaper online, especially with regard to technology, and that is an obvious motive, not laziness; and (2) you don't need to go to university to be aware that students are typically on a shoestring budget.

That disaprinting... Apologies about the horrible pun

You should be sorry

by the time you actually receive it the semester will be over

I had a keyboard being delivered from Amazon. It was suppose to be next day delivery, but two days later it's status changed to out for delivery. However the city was an hour and a half away. I contacted amazon and they were really cool about it. They refunded the next day shipping costs, credited me a month for Amazon Prime and sent a new keyboard out that was delivered the next day. No telling what happened to the original keyboard, it never arrived.