By wtf - United States - Oxford
Today, it's been 2 weeks since I ordered a printer so I could print schoolwork, that way I don't have to sit on campus so long to print it all out. It just got delivered in Arizona today. I live in New York. FML
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  Joshwarrior  |  39

Yeah I need to know if op entered the wrong address or amazon completely dropped the ball and Fucked up before I vote. Either way it should be a relatively quick fix if you have prime.

  derpina72  |  23

Thank goodness they aren't double charging you, though. I bought gifts for my brother and sister-in-law online once, and I ended up getting charged twice for each gift....It was some kind of mess up on PayPals side.

By  Chrysic  |  20

The person who delivered the package has it all figured out op
1.Start delivering package
2.Somehow get package delivered to a random address in Arizona

  ApeTheGreatApe  |  11

Needs more ? I literally lol'd

  Unlucky1232  |  20

weast? You're fired again.

By  species4872  |  19

Don't you guy's have computer shops nearby so you can just drop in and buy one instead of ordering one online Or is it to much trouble to actually go out and buy something these days?

  species4872  |  19


  species4872  |  19

Never was able too back then, The kids go to uni though.
So what I get down voted because I never went?

  JEHR  |  13

No, I think you're getting downvoted because your original comment comes off as condescendingly implicating laziness on OPs behalf when (1) most people are aware that purchases can typically be made cheaper online, especially with regard to technology, and that is an obvious motive, not laziness; and (2) you don't need to go to university to be aware that students are typically on a shoestring budget.

By  Amy78_fml  |  11

I had a keyboard being delivered from Amazon. It was suppose to be next day delivery, but two days later it's status changed to out for delivery. However the city was an hour and a half away. I contacted amazon and they were really cool about it. They refunded the next day shipping costs, credited me a month for Amazon Prime and sent a new keyboard out that was delivered the next day. No telling what happened to the original keyboard, it never arrived.