By squirts - 27/11/2013 04:42

Today, I arrived home after leaving for college in August. My dad figured that the most appropriate way to welcome me back was a loud, piercing fart right when I walked through the front door. FML
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olpally 32

Peter griffin doing this to Meg, anyone? Lol. What a douche thing to do.

That's just how he shows his love warmly.


olpally 32

Peter griffin doing this to Meg, anyone? Lol. What a douche thing to do.

Somuchart 3

Embrace the love.

Well it's silent and deadly or loud and proud. Take your pick, we don't all get this opportunity

I thought the same exact thing when I read this! :O

jojimugo 20

That show is dead to me if Brian is dead

whiteboy896 9

Lol Brian is gonna come back, i just know it.

"You're a smart fella Dad!" "And you're a fart smeller Meg!" *grabs head*

Y'all do realize that stewie will most likely use a time machine right?

What a breathtaking welcome :)

51, you do realize he destroyed his time machine and doesn't have the parts to fix it, right?

evan_7899 28

#61 there is an episode list of future episodes and Brian is coming back unless there is another dog with the name brian joining the Show and Cleveland is moving back to quohag. .. research before you run your mouth... and there is a family guy episode where they visit Springfield with the simpsons soon

inthedopeshow 17

61, you do realize that it's a fucking cartoon so if the baby can build a time machine once, he can find a way to do it again, right? Jesus Christ.

jojimugo 20

I did not realize family guy talk evoked so many emotions.

That's just how he shows his love warmly.

Yes, the kind of love that carries across the room.

once you pay the bills you can fart too

On the bright side, he held it in especially for OP, so at least he thought ahead! Awesome dad.

Oh that's nasty... (Cleveland voice)

\ 28

...I was reading your comment in Morgan Freeman's voice until I noticed the parenthesis at the end. Then I had to re-read it in Cleveland's voice. Thanks a lot #3. Buzzkill.

29 everybody knows that "that's nasty" is Cleveland's thing so I don't know why you'd assume it was Morgan freeman

He wasn't being serious, dumbass.

What a nice welcome home present.

crazytwinsmom 25

Oh the sounds and scents of home!

Home sweet home

Not sure if pun intended...

cryssycakesx3 22

I hate when people say "no pun intended" when it clearly was. like "literally"

Sounds like a stinky situation

Really? Not only did you HAVE to do that but the pun itself sounded so out of place. No one even says that phrase. At least some people shitty but really?

SauceySarah 30

Stop being so uptight. Just laugh it off and enjoy your stay at home.


Wow the memories FYL

Rainhawk94 27

Ooooh a fart, fyl. Just a fart, laugh it off and move on

Nurd4lyfe 7

Well that sure stinks

Aw. . .he loves you!