By Anonymous - 08/06/2015 19:33 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I finally slept with the man of my dreams. After he left for work, I found a six-inch skid mark smack dab in the middle of my sheets. Apparently, the man of my dreams doesn't believe in toilet paper. FML
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Clearly not your "Prince Charmin"

SweetSociopathy 24

Maybe you just rode the shit out of him.


kayj905 15

Thats a pretty shitty thing to do.

You should feel bad about that pun.

You get a lot of shit for making puns like that, nowadays.

kayj905 15

What about #4's comment?

They tried harder than you.

What a shitty expirience FYL

larrena2377 26


Your profile picture added to your "shitty" spelling makes you seem perpetually high.

Really you couldn't have came up with something better

Clearly the lack of hygiene rubbed you the wrong way

nityasomaiya 46

Oh poop! That's one hell of a shituation.

Now that's a pun

#4s comment is original.

Lol, is he still the man of your dreams?

Not so dreamy now, I guess.

psychopolarbear 28

Technically, nightmares are dreams too. OP never specified if they were the "good" dreams or not lol

Clearly not your "Prince Charmin"

meliodafool_ 15

your wit is punbelievable.

This is the most original, hilarious comment I have ever laid my eyes on. I hereby dub you, Comment King.

This is one of the few comments that actually made me laugh out loud, kudos to your witty pun!

Yeah, this comment is incredibly clever.

Sorry OP. Maybe it's time to find a new man of your that uses toilet paper

nityasomaiya 46

Doesn't he even believe in using the washroom?

Maybe you could introduce him to some toilet paper

gintwinsmoore 20

nah, #9, that's just too much work!

There are some imperfections a partner shouldn't have to fix.

drshn 22

Oh god!! not a good start to the for day for both of us. You, for experiencing it and for me due to reading.