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Today, I woke from last night after meeting the most amazing man, and after giving him a good morning kiss, roll out of bed to use his bathroom. After using his toothbrush, I go to replace it in his holder only to find not one, but several prescriptions for herpes in his unzipped toiletry bag. FML
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Use condoms. Don't use other people's toothbrushes. Get some common sense.

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can you post a picture of yourself in case i run into you somewhere?


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can you post a picture of yourself in case i run into you somewhere?

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Absolutely disgusting. YDI for being dumb, and not getting tested. You have herps now!

Oh good I thought I was the only one wondering O.o

You can't get herpes unless you touch a sore from a person who broke out and even then it's not a completely for sure thing

Well, if this is an FML if assume they didn't

The herpes could be in his mouth too. Pretty much anywhere that came in contact with the other person infected area

Use condoms. Don't use other people's toothbrushes. Get some common sense.

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1. Might only be lip herpes, which 1 person out of three has anyway. I do. 2. Genital herpes is a very contagious disease, and it must be taken seriously. That's what condoms are for. 3. Herpes is NOT contagious all the time, only during crisis. Lip herpes for instance is most contagious when it's burning the lips and getting out. Point is, though, it's dangerous before it is visible. As for hygiene... really, once you let someone stick is/her tongue in your mouth, what is a toothbrush exchange? Besides, more germs are exchanged through shaking hands than through kissing, and that's a fact.

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toothbrushes are used to scrape off all the nasty germs you've had growing all night, and during the day. that is not the same as kissing someone.

You just met this guy, why are you using his toothbrush already?

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I guess this what happens when you're a loose goose.

I've been with my s/o for 6 Years.... haven't used his toothbrush yet and I don't ever plan to. I'd rather use some toothpaste on my finger or just a Listerine rinse in dire situations.

who uses someone's toothbrush that they don't even know? I don't even use my boyfriend's toothbrush!

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I've been married 21 years and we don't use each others toothbrushes!!!

You know, if you contracted herpes after that you could sue him for battery and get a nice chunk of change. Because while you may have consented to the sex you didn't consent to the herpes and had he told you, you (unless you're a total moron) wouldnt have consented to having sex with him.

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You've gotta be a special kind of stupid.

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I hope to god This isn't true if it is we need to fix this because it is our responsibility to know these things before sex

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Wow THANKS for the IMAGERY, it really added to you POST.

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#40 - so by your reasoning, someone with herpes should no longer have sex? Why would only a moron have sex with someone with herpes? If they're using protection then there's no reason not to. Using someone else's toothbrush, even after you've had sex with them IS disgusting. They could have bleeding gums, gum disease and any number of things. WHY would you use someone elses toothbrush? that's as bad as chewing their old gum or using the same piece of toilet paper.

Ever watch Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist, chewing other people's gum is the new in thing, toothbrushes are not that bad because if you brush your teeth correctly, you hold the toothbrush under scalding hot water for at least a minute to get rid of germs. THIRD, this person might have herpes, that is never their fault, he should have told her, and its a BIG ******* DEAL!!!

_NeoQueen_ 7 water that comes out of your not even close to being hot enough to kill those germs!

"chewing other peoples gum is the new in thing" ..... you're an idiot