By Dana - 10/05/2011 08:36 - Netherlands

Today, I finally mustered the courage to tell my crush how I feel. He's a straight-A student and very nice in general. After I finished pouring my heart out, he stared at me for a bit and then said: "Nice rack." FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Take that as a compliment OP. Most guys think of it as a compliment in the highest manor when giving it.

SpectSelf 0

just because he gets straight A's doesn't mean he has no dick


iAmScrubs 19

Take that as a compliment OP. Most guys think of it as a compliment in the highest manor when giving it.

ImaWiseGuy 5

I use to ask smart girls to tutor me when I didn't know how to properly approach.....

Kn0wledge123 21

Well, I've heard that smart people are usually nymphos and sex freaks. So I'd say this is a win-win OP.

Brandnewuser 0

hell ya that's one of the best compliments we can give

saint556 4

I think that Is an absolute horrible way to pick up a girl, unless she's a straight *****. but for the most part to pick up a girl u don't say nice rack that's stupid.

can u show us ur rack so we can tell u if he's correct?

I would love to see your highest manor. I'm sure it's a lovely house.

chris9884 0

uhh he obviously wants to dooo it;) so do it girlll

ImaWiseGuy 5

op is universly accepted as ovary punisher....^


did it really matter that he was a straight A student??

kiaralove53 0

Maybe he was just throwing out a compliment because of how awkward it was when you were "pouring you heart out to him".

brycereid 0

66- it could be Ovary Punisher, or Orgy Parade

@69 When I read that I thought it said "ovary puncher" lol.

refers to the person the FML was about.

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Jaimegirl 7

Aww sorry hun :( Probably something that would happen to me haha

baby_dee97 8

141with that picture I'm guessing they would

CommonSenseKarma 17

What the orangutan balls..? I don't think an awkward shyness would make a guy say "nice rack". He must be very intellectual, but lacking some Common Sense.

XxDarkDavid321xX 1
CommonSenseKarma 17

Original Poster. Damn, I think THAT'S what it should be, but what does it really mean?

XxDarkDavid321xX 1
Ckkc1 0

#1, you gotta be kidding with me... really. A girl goes to her crush, and tells her what does she feeling about him, opens her heart; and to receive what? "nice rack."... compliment in the highest manor... it is not what OP should think. OP should just understand that actually that guy is a total dumb and knows nothing, literally nothing, about woman, just like you, and get over it. A 15 years old brat tells "Most guys think of it as a compliment in the highest manor when giving it." ... lol

iAmScrubs 19

167- Please calm down. I am sorry that my comment offended you or anyone else. It is obviously not my intention to make comments intending to get people angry at me. I may only be fifteen but I am a male and I know how men function. It may not seem like a compliment but a lot of men are too self conscious to pour their heart out to a woman. They may be worried that it will make them seem like less of a man. Everyone is entitled their own opinion on how they respond to things, but you don't really have a right to make assumptions about me that are based on little more than a brief biography on

omg_a_BALLOON 0

144 you stole my orangutan penis joke I posted a while back ago, and OP stands for orignal posture.

lulututu 4

I don't think #1 at 15 years old even knows how he functions yet, let alone an actual man. lol kids these days.!

iAmScrubs 19
Lieto 1

Sometimes its nice to take a break from more common scenarious like "i feel comfortable with you - lets go to tbe movie - restaurant - sex"

I ment to click the thumbs up clicked down by accident my bad-_-

lulututu 4

#1 get a backbone. You said something ignorant now you have to deal with it. :)

iAmScrubs 19

^this is coming from the person who tells me "that I don't even know how I function". There was nothing I said that was even mildly ignorant in my comment. I said that OP should take it as a compliment because a lot of boys and men think of it as a great compliment when it is not. There is no other way I can explain my comment. You were an asshole to me and you obviously do not even know what ignorance is.

He said that's how guys see it. It makes sense for girls to not think the same.

lulututu 4

Dude your a kid. You don't know how men function. Just cause you have a penis doesn't make you a man. That's. What makes you ignorant.

iAmScrubs 19

So just because I am not a grown man means I have no clue how men function? I go to a high school that has people up to age 18. I have a brother who is an adult. I may not know how a grown man functions completely but I know enough that when a guy is saying good things about women's breasts to another guy, they are not saying something negative about her. It might not be a woman's opinion of a great compliment, but guys think it is. I may only be fifteen but that's not to say I don't think the same way about women as a twenty year old. This really doesn't matter anymore lulututu. We both have different opinions and if we keep arguing, we will never reach a conclusion.

Flutist 3

IAmScrubs has a point. Plus, the Op is using high school terminology (in my mind) "crush" and "pouring my heart out" and the fact that she mentions he makes "straight A's" and not that he has a good job. So I think Scrubs opinion on how a teenage male works would be valid. That said, as a female getting told you have a "nice rack" by someone you are not sexually active with is not always an insult. My best friend John constantly tells his girlfriend she has "nice boobs" and she is just the sort of girl who likes that. They are also sexually active, so they are allowed to talk like that to each other. For the rest of the population of males, don't tell a girl she has a nice rack after the tells you she likes you. Turn her down or tell her you are only interested in her for sex. Honesty would be the best policy.

ky765 0

..... idk if this will b most liked or disliked but...... just tities

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erichabrown 0

calm down he was just kidding

Yeah, but being educated (and acting nice) isn't the same as being nice. There are many straight-Assholes. It might be an ice-breaker, it might be a compliment, but it's definitely not something you say after someone admitted his/her love to you. I'm imagining what would happen if a guy told me his feelings and I answered with 'nice ass'. It's just not a proper answer.

quit Stalin and let's see your Marx

dakins 0

pointing out with brains should come more intelligent comments than "nice rack"

KennKenn 0

well, if he really is an nice as you described him, you must really have a nice rack for him to say that

I hate these little kids that always talk about sex as if they had ever had it before. If one had ever done so with any meaning at all, he/she would realise that sex is not some little ******* retarded joke. Yes, I realise how many thumb downs I'm going to get from the very same people I just spoke of.

lulututu 4

163, you call him a little kid, but your only about three months older

Says the 20 yr old that looks like a Down syndrome man child.

If you really liked him you would have let him see them.

SpectSelf 0

just because he gets straight A's doesn't mean he has no dick

what does any of this have to doo with hiss dick??? IM so confuzzedd!!! :/

SpectSelf 0

all of us men have 2 brains. one in our head and the other in our dick lol

aj193344 0

niiiiiiiiiiicccccccceeeee ^.^

flighted 1

I believe that was his way of saying, " I really don't care what you have to say because I really don't like you that way:)"

I am so getting thumbed down for this but you also have a brain in your stomach, it overrides your top brain when asking for sammiches!

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Me654 0

He might be nice and get straight A's but he's still a dude

saint556 4

I think we got it... we aren't all stupid

SmittyJA24 26

Pre-teen romances can be soooo dramatic.

memoisme 0

I'm sure it's true. But seriously you probably overwhelmed the kid. It's probably the first thing that came to his mind. Take it as he has been "admiring" you too. I promise you he probably likes you too.

TraceCase_ 19

Maybe he's also typing up a FML, about how his crush poured her heart out to him and all he could think to say was, "nice rack".

BellaGoBoom 6

I 'promise' he 'probably.' Gave me teh lulz.