By minimum wage - 02/04/2012 08:38 - Canada

Today, I walked in on a homeless guy peeing on a turd on the floor of the women's restroom at the park. I'm a janitor for the city. FML
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That sucks op, janitors already don't get paid enough to clean up other peoples shit, why add more to it, people should be thankful that there IS someone to be doing that work


He said he's "a janitor" not THE, READ BEFORE COMMENTING!!

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I still found the comment to be funny.


This FML should've just started at "I'm a janitor for the city. FML"

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Is your name Glenn Matthews? Because if it is, that guy is in a lot of trouble.

Lol that's funny XD if I were a hobo I would do the same thing. It's a modern prank of the old poop in the bag and light it on fire trick :p maybe I'll pull that on my mother XD jk :p

Too many emoticons and acronyms, it makes me cry

Awe so sad for you lol want me to get you a tissue and sing you a lullaby?

LOL! I so totally agree! Pissing on shit is ******* hilarious! I hope your mother grounds you for 10 years if you pull that crap on her.

Dude I know! XD except I disagree for the grounding part lol yeah no thank you. I'll blame it on the dog or something XD

20. **WOOOOOSHHHHH* that was the sound of sarcasm going right over your head.

Read her 'about me'.. it explains everything..

#3 is older than me yet still types like I did when I was 13. I may have just lost a little bit more faith in humanity.

I don't think francescabella has been on FML (or in any serious english class for that matter) long enough to understand Doc's sarcasm....or anyone elses. It scares me when I think about how people like this will be a part of building our future.

No, you're just a ******* dumbass troll, francescabella. You're not funny and you type like a 10-yr-old. Just quit.

Excuse me? I have been on FML for years now and I'm in AP English 11. I'm going to be in the Army sewing your ass so your lucky I'm apart of the future. Just because I text "like a 13 year old" doesn't mean I write this way. you guys won't get anyway ripping people up.

Okay, well, this will be the last time I ever comment again.

"fighting for us" that kind of makes the army seem weaker and I can't believe you are just arguing over this.

Francescabella, we're only mean to the people* who deserve it. *DISCLAIMER: "people" is used in the loosest sense here to mean "immature children"

If you're getting this worked up over people bashing you on the Internet, there's no way in hell that you'll make it far in any branch in the Service. Let this be a lesson.

Notice how her About changed from "eating rainbows and popping butterflies" to "**** off and choke on a dick". Someone got tough quickly.

Back the **** off!! Don't you say I can't be in the army. You don't ******* know me. I hope your mom kills you in your sleep. I'm going to ******* eat your first born child.

******* iPhone auto correct... I meant saving. My iPhone makes me look like a retard. I guess it is smarter then me. Oh whoa! Would you look at that. All of you are right. Congratulations :)

She changed her picture and about me like a noob .-. You also used 'then' it's actually 'than' when you said the thing about your boyfriend

How is that being a noob? Lol and thank you for the grammar lesson. When I speak I say "then" because I like the sound of it better then "than". Sounds too harsh for my taste. But thanks for your concern anyway. I don't believe I'm writing a formal essay here.

I'd be afraid to have you sew up me or any of my friends. I'd probably be better off rocking some sabc. Plus, I doubt you realize what true combat medics go through. You sound like all talk.

If I didn't know what they went through why would I want to be one. And alright thats cool I'll let you bleed to death then. Come on now. You don't know me at all how would you know I'm all talk? The military is my life.

Wow, if I've ever seen someone get broken down on FML it's Francesca, she appears to have changed the about me AGAIN. If you're going to argue Missy stand up for yourself, otherwise good luck at war.

Omg I've been arguing with myself this whole damn time.

It's amazing how conversation travels. Over someone saying they will shit on poop... Sometimes I wonder what the hell this world has come to.

I pity you francescabella, but it doesn't take the mind of a genius to know that after 5 of your comments have been thumbed down like hell you should finally just shut up.

I'm not saying anything, in fear of Francescabella sewing my ass crack shut. Yikes.

I'm not saying anything, in fear of Francescabella sewing my ass crack shut. Yikes.

The city is a lovely place, isn't it?

Well since you asked, it means Old Penis.

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Actually, it means orphaned piccolo.

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After seeing that, if my life were a movie, that would be the part where it cutscenes to me on craigslist looking for a new job.

That sucks op, janitors already don't get paid enough to clean up other peoples shit, why add more to it, people should be thankful that there IS someone to be doing that work

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laurenobrien 4

Damn you people have no sense of humor

We do, exept that we are more sympathetic to people who have low end jobs, and we don't laugh at them. Only douchebags like you do. Be grateful that you have an opportunity to get a college education and get a job you like and help you survive the economic crisis.

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Exactly I'm sure op is working his ass off to pay for college or even put food on the table for his kids. Noone thinks your funny.

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I wasn't trying to make fun of his social standings or what he makes

Omfg you guys are total ass holes! Get a life besides being mean to people! You all need to go to hell. Don't take shit so seriously god damn. You don't know anything about her so don't you dare call her a ****. **** the hell off.

"First off", I never told anyone how they are to live their life. If anything everyone on here is saying that. Everyone DOES have their own options including me douche bag. If you have an option you can say it nicely because if you yell and be an ass to anything who thinks different then you, you will get NOWHERE! I'm not doing anything except standing up for the girl you are all bashing and have no right to do so. There's no need for bad names either. Just everyone calm down, take a breath and get over it.

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I just love insults that are special and rare haha "feeble minded hoe"

So two wrongs make a right? I don't think so. She didn't even bash him.. She clearly explained what she meant. No crap life isn't "unicorns and rainbows" but that doesn't mean you can make it a living hell. All the people I know that are ass holes didn't get anywhere in life. The nice ones end up having friends and a family and ultumetly have a better life.

It's funny how the dumber people agree with each other like 7 and 75

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It's just my type of humor..and I'm not a **** sorry you all can't take a joke

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Lol your welcome. I have the same humor and I totally understood and laughed about it. People are so damn retarded.

Okay so do you people laugh when your friend falls down? You know they are okay but you laugh because it's funny yet you do feel some sympathy? Same deal here people.

That's my type too dude. My man talks to me like that all the time and I just laugh. Btw he's the only man I have ever been with so I'm no *****.. Just saying. But funny comment lol

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Lol gtfo how old are have some weird anime drawing as your pic. Sorry your so jealous of my body that's only good to pleasure men. Your never gonna get a girl like me or ever gonna look this good, I forgot if you were a guy or girl

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Or bad not anime. But still your just trying to hid the fact that your an ugly asshole. Take a seat

laurenobrien 4

Yeah I am offended..I was not trying to disrespect any lower class people, I'm not to wealthy myself. And okay you should count your blessings because if your as much as a dick in person then you are in here, then you can kiss that "pretty" girlfriend of yours good bye. No one wants a mean boy friend

10 points for using the word "turd" in a sentence!

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Your comment is a turd which makes you literally worse than Hitler

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Wow you should have hit him with your broom

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Yup I'm dumb because I would hit him with the broom. I'm sooo dumb OMG I'M DUMB!!!!!

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22, please stop commenting.

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I just don't get why you would beat a harmless homeless guy..

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Maybe give him a smack and tell him to start using the urinal lol. maybe for the fun of it too.

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Why was the man in the woman's restroom in the first place?

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Cuzz hes a hobo n hobos do what ever the **** they want