By Broke - United States
Today, I was entered into an online contest where they announce your name on the radio and if you call in within an hour they pay your bills for you. I'm unemployed, so I got really excited when they announced my name. My call wouldn't go through - I hadn't paid my phone bill and the line was disconnected. FML
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  ethenkray  |  19

I agree with borrowing a phone, but I had internet almost 2 months after the bill was due, so he may not have paid. Internet usually takes longer to shut down than phone lines.

By  Jimboom  |  11

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I suspect some don't understand that certain bills are due at different times of the month-so it's totally possible that he may still have internet, but no phone. All the same-payphone, a neighbor? It seems like there had to be some way for you to get to a phone. Unfortunate, either way.