By hannahisacooler - 16/07/2013 23:41 - United States - Chino Hills

Today, I told the guy I liked about my crush on him. He said he would keep me in mind if he ever hits rock bottom. FML
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So consider yourself his boyfriend because with that comment, he's already at rock bottom


At least OP's crush was being honest, and it's worth more than the lowering of pride momentarily. She's definitely useful and good for something! - even if right now he doesn't value OP enough. So, this is an fml to apply the adage let the crush go. ★ If he's hers, I would want to see him crawling back in much deeper remorse! ★

What's the deal with the little stars ★

People like that are the scum of the earth. Nobody deserves to be treated with such disrespect.

Not really... True, he could have worded it a little nicer, but such is life. OP should still feel happy she was brave enough to voice her feelings and not let it derail her. Every douche is simply a stepping stone to the real thing!!

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So true. It was like when I was dissed and then he went about bragging that he said no. Everyone kept laughing at me and I felt like nothing. When he said no he didn't just say no he said "No,ewww why would I date somebody with autism."

#54 that was surely his loss! I'm sorry that he said that to you, because surely words can hurt like hell sometimes.

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Yea :) but now I am dating someone nice although we aren't aloud to go on any dates we are dating. He should be glad that i didn't shove it in hi face when kids were teasing him that he smelled like oil. I even tried to comfort the jerk.

So consider yourself his boyfriend because with that comment, he's already at rock bottom

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You mean girlfriend right? Or is OP not telling us something?

Little late but yes, that's what I meant

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Time to find a different person to crush on, OP..

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Or crush the same person WITH YOUR FISTS!

Oh I get it! Coz ur name's under the sea and the FML is about rock bottom! Haha

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I say you help him reach rock bottom, then tell him to hit the road when he tries to call you up

Definitely not worth wasting your thoughts and feelings on! What a twat.

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And I will keep you on my list of douches to avoid.

I was gonna make a Drake joke, but then I realized I still have Self Respect

Some people are just trolls. They might think, "She shouldn't have told her crush she liked him. You ALWAYS wait for the guy to say it." Or it could be an accident.

I'm sorry, that was supposed to be to your question in your other comment.

I voted yes for this in the moderating. I feel like my baby just grew up :')

well you don't need him, as a friend or as a bf. And they are called crushes, as you can get crushed.