By i don't think so anyway - 15/12/2013 19:16 - United States - Warren

Today, I finally got the courage to tell the girl I like how I feel. She instantly burst out laughing and said "A crush? Dude, what are you, 12?! Hahaha!" FML
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Ouch! Sorry OP. Now you know how immature she is.


You took a chance, but don't get down because she won't take you seriously. Be glad you found out about this now and not when she could have been a real bitch and given you a "pity date".

She sounds like a bitch. If she didn't screw you over now she would have screwed you over in the future, and now hurts a lot less. Don't lose self esteem over this, move passed it and I guarantee if you keep doing the same thing, sooner or later the right person will come along

im insanely horny

What a bitch! That was mean!

Ouch! Sorry OP. Now you know how immature she is.

I've seen blizzards less frigid than that girl. a real Ice queen

Exactly man, what else would you call those feelings though? It isn't love, as it hasn't had the chance to develop into that, it's purely an attraction or an infatuation. Also known as a crush. Luckily that's all it is, pal. Move on and don't look back, she ain't worth the headache. And if she is to you, well damn, good fucking luck.

That's when you conveniently pull out a Crush soda..

OP's maybe ex-crush has the immaturity level of a 12 year old, maybe younger...

Well how old are you ?

Actually he's 12 and three quarters.

Does it matter? I'm in my thirties and a crush is still a crush. Judging by her answer, she has the maturity of a teenage girl, thinking she's "too grown up" for things like crushes. I do not miss those years.

the correct answer is 13. everyone knows you lose all innocence when u hit 13.

I actually lost mine in 3rd grade

I'm calling BS on that. It's way younger. More like two or three

Literally telling her you had a crush was not the brightest course of action, it seems.

Indeed, maybe OP said I have a crush on you and she wasnt commenting on looks but his phrasing of the question, since that is childish phrasing. Thats my interpretation of this FML

I am thirty and still use the term. Her reaction was garbage.

I would find it really sweet if someone told me they had a crush on me. She just sounds like a bitch.

I'd say it was perfect. He was *this* close to wasting more time on some cold, pretentious bitch.

Well I know this is cliche by now but it's still true, YOU DESERVE BETTER! Find a girl that's worth your time OP

Stating that you acknowledge the fact that it's cliché doesn't really help your case.

We need more details. How did you word it?

Did he get on his knees, cry and ask her to love him till he dies? What? That's not how it's done?

Good, now it's time to get over her.

OP, I see you're a bit confused. I'm going to help you figure out if you're a 12 year old. Do you make "your mom" jokes? Are you a self-professed troll? Are you particularly fond of memes? Is your name Booda_Shun? If you answer "Yes" to any of those questions... well, I'm sure you know how it works.

What I find hilarious is that you even remember his name.

Doubt it, as Booda_Shun seeks for more attention than the average prepubescent teenager.

51 You're no better, your 30 talking crap over FML. I suggest you leave before Nyx embarrasses you.

im in my 30s and meet 3 of those. the internet must be youth serum.

particularly fond of memes... haha. so accurate.

\ 28

Ah, haters in the raw. It's adorable watching you two pull off your passive-aggressive rage. You're both soooo cute :)

Should have told her "Yeah, 12 inches deep in your mom!" lol how's that for a mom joke?

What did you do? Pass her a note? "I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no."

I know a guy in his 20s that did that. Though I'm not saying it should be done by anyone over 12.

72 judging by your picture I'm not surprise that happen to you at twenty haha

On to the next one!