By Abcporn - 25/09/2013 23:22 - United States - Portland

Today, I went to work at my job as a secretary. I had been given the task to file my boss's collection of Playboy magazines alphabetically by name of the centerfold. There was one for every month from the years of 1980 until now. FML
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zingline89 18

So there's some from the bush era. And I'm not talking presidents :P

Sounds like some long and hard work.



Probably hinting you out

zingline89 18

So there's some from the bush era. And I'm not talking presidents :P

Spot on. OP- Was that part of the job description? Organizer of porn mags.

Deadclown 4

I happen to like bush. Not the president....

Sounds like some long and hard work.

Hopefully some of the "months" weren't stuck together

I bet there are some people who would love to get paid to look at centerfolds all day. Its all about perspective OP!

At first it looks like a terrible job, but in reality it means your boss trusts you. A man handing over his beloved Playboy collection to a woman is quite unique.

I would rather work at a fast food place then sort through magazines for people that cant get laid.

92- what the hell? That's like saying a person collects cars because they don't know how to drive. Just because he collects erotic magazines doesn't mean he doesn't have a wife or family.

That's pretty impressive.

Gotta admit the man has dedication ;p

Were any of the pages stuck together? =)) And do you think he hired you based on your resemblance to a favourite centrefold? And most importantly, is there a HR department should you wish to make any complaints thereafter? Good luck, OP!

Lol, they probably were.

OP's next task is to clean the sticky pages.

At least he has something to pass down to his son as his will? But dang, that's one of the most impressive collections I've ever heard of.

He most likely just keeps them for the high quality journalistic texts.