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By  kirbo2  |  21

Really sucks for you man

  Tripartita  |  44

I was initially going to disagree with you, but after intense consideration and number crunching, I've calculated that there is a chance having two teeth broken by friend's prank /might/ suck.

It's just a chance, though.

By  nonsensical  |  26

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  minissaussette  |  25

Well it's a very stupid prank, plus it will have very long-lasting effects, like even if he pays for dental care it still won't be your real teeth and that's a pain. No matter how sorry he is, the effects will still be there 10 years from now. What a stupid thing to do.

By  uzumakinurto  |  13

Oh dude I feel for you. back in school we were doing the progressive box jumps got smallest to biggest someone thought it was funny to scoot one closer when my group went. I cleared the box only to catch the next shins first..I can't imagine going face first..