By Anonymous - 02/08/2010 01:59 - United States

Today, I pretended to go for a run to impress someone on AIM. FML
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instead of posting this fml, you should've actually gone on a run. sounds like you could use it if posting it on aim will impress people

...How exactly does this impress someone on AIM? I highly doubt they'd care. YDI for using AIM, anyway.


woo spam this one

ydi for possibly being fat causing you to think going for a run is impressive

How does that impress someone??

omg! 6 i love ur pic!! ;)

well at least you spended your time wisely.

dayum, thats one hot ava, #6. well ydi op, putting that joggin on your aim to impress some1 but really, your fatting yourself up or at most playing wii sport. i know cuz i got a friend who does this :)

Virtual fitness is how we roll.


uh? idk what to say to this one..

13- It's spent not spended. FYL op, get off AIM and go running. No, not virtual running.

it's funny because you have no real friends!

#6 loving the pic (:

30, it's funny because that joke IS NO LONGER FUNNY

lol that's YOUR opinion 37 :D

did you break a digital sweat? you should continue to take imaginary runs and then Photoshop your picture to coincide with the wieghtloss that would occur if you actually ran.

hey, don't hate hitler cat

#44: Why don't you change your picture? I find cats pretty disgusting.

YDI for using AIM.

#51 - Uhh, no. Cats are awesome. :]

#6 is just looking for attention don't give him/her the satisfaction.

6-cover up 44- I understand they need to cover up but why the need of calling them sick fucks? 55- cats are indeed awesome.

Cats are awesome. Cat litter not so much.

#6 is asking to get banned by changing that picture to what it is now.

ew #6!! haha girls don't wanna see that

WTF 6 well then *rushes for nearest playboy magazine to erase the picture

YDI for going on a run to impress someone on AIM.

72 that or she's telling people they can kiss her bloody arse?

81 that was a chick cuz I can't tell and I assumed that it was a guy crossdressing or something or the sorts

#81 - You might be onto something. They might have just fooled us all. :| Touché, #6.

yea 86 the body figure looks iffy

86 a picture is worth a million words or however it goes. Point is she's clearly making a point.

I serioisly doubt that's a female putting up pictures like that. Has to be a sweaty, oversized pervert putting up this mockery.

96 thank you for the imagery.

Thank you Ignorance, I didn't catch that. And #99, you are welcome. But I'm sorry, aha.

73 has a mint picture :D why not say you're out for a run, then actually go for a run? it's livin' the dream.

And I thought #6's last picture was bad. ._.

What was #6's picture of? I didn't see it and it's gone now

yeah what was 6's pic? since everyone was talking about it. lol

Maybe you should actually go for a run instead of pretending. That would be more impressive because running regularly does wonders for your body and is a good stress reliever. (I'm a state champion track runner)

159 what events do you run?

not trying to be rude but your life sucks

How fat are you?

lmao!! #30 yu have an awesome name!

you acted like you ran? fyl, i totally wouldnt wanna be you.... not really that was the worst fml ever

...How exactly does this impress someone on AIM? I highly doubt they'd care. YDI for using AIM, anyway.

that's what I was wondering

how is going for a run impressive? are you trying to prove that you are active?

Maybe the person he's talking to like guys that are active?? It's possible. But yeah, why don't you just go for a run instead of just talking about it!!!! *gasp*

instead of posting this fml, you should've actually gone on a run. sounds like you could use it if posting it on aim will impress people

you chose to do it so shut da fck up and stop whining dumb fat ass

nentenkupo 16

where in the FML does it say he's fat

hmm this ones kinda stupid. but ydi op

maybe ya shouldn't lie.

maybe u should rele go for a run so you can impress people

Should he 'rele'?

abrevaition for the word 'really'

abrevaition Is that an abbreviation for the word abbreviation?

I thought 'rlly' was an abbreviation for really.

ha 28 fail and 38 win....

I thought really was an easy word to type out, therefore doesn't call for an abbreviation of any kind. What do I know? :P

actualy there are many abrevations for the word really, and sadly abreivation isnt an abrevation for abrevation because it is too long to be an abrevation

I've met people that spell 'love' 'luhv' because it's shorter. I'm still trying to figure that out.

62- #38 is trying to make you look stupid because you spelled abbreviation wrong, so she is saying you made "abreviation" as your abbreviation of the word abbreviation.. (you left out a B) i hope people can understand this lol i tried :)

She did more then leave out a b. Lol, you tried. There is no abbreviation for the word really. If you see one, it's because people have become to lazy to type out simple words.

she also left out the I.......

sir, i am not retarded, i am dislexic(:

#63 was hilarious for some reason.

If you figure it out 71, please tell me. They both contain four letters or maybe because u, h, and v are right under each other?

#74 - Nooope. There's no rhyme or reason why someone would spell 'love' like 'luhv' to shorten it. i just think you encountered a very moronic person. :]

Couldn't agree more.

I'm going to go with....people are stupid. They aren't necessarily stupid by it's true definition, but they are some kind of stupid. When I figure out which kind, I'll be sure to let you guys know. Also, they are lazy.

The 'can't think straight' stupid you mean?

No, that's not it. I think these peope lack to much brain capacity to think at all. Maybe they are just stupid. I take back my comment. They are stupid.

Nah, I think it's more of the 'I just said something completely stupid but I hope they don't catch onto it' stupid.

just because i cant spell abbreavation right..:( FML.

Maybe more like 'won't think straight'...?

92 no, not really. It seems like these people believe (know, in their opinion) their way is correct when it's clearly not.

*abbreviation. At least copy and paste.

#95 - Blehh, I don't even know who you guys are talking about anymore. :]

im sorry that im dislexic and have a mouse that wont right click..FML

100 we're talking about all the lazy idiotic people on this app/'site.

It's ok. If you're truly dyslexic, I'm sorry. That's not funny. I hope you're not lying to me.

#103 - Ohh, there's oodles of those.. It can't be helped though, there are going to be lazy, idiotic people everywhere you go.

Well isn't this some fine trolling I've come across??? :) Damn grammar Nazis all of a sudden, :P

im not and im sorry that im still not able to spell abbreiviation corretly

Chris, since when do we put , at the end of our sentences? :P

Chris, I'm not a grammar Nazi. Aren't you one?? :p

Ari- that shows I paused to stick my virtual tongue out at you grammar Nazis. :P (is this better?!?) lol. Ohthebloodygore(I don't recall your name)- No I am not one, I just correct the trolls at times, when they irritate me, or I am very bored. That is all. =D

Lol, I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. I find that it makes people mad and I like that. :] I still love you though, don't worry.

Precious. Who doesn't love correcting trolls just to urk them?

I just realised saying precious flat out makes it seem like I'm simply stating it. My name is Precious.

I'm not a grammar nazi by any means of the word Chris, so please exclude me from your list. :P

That whole thread consisted more of SPELLING Nazis than GRAMMAR Nazis... I'm being more pedantic than Pendatik!

Precious? Are you ensenuating my comment is precious, or that your name is precious? Either way sounds good. Lol And I do agree with both of you, it is fun to jab at a troll every onc in a while.

your misspelling of "irk" really irks me. :P

Anteater has a point, I recant my original comment! You 3 are now spelling Nazis, don't try and deny it Raleigh. Lol I saw your comment after I posted mine precious. But I'm still going with, your stating my comment as precious. Lol.

#125 - You are very committed I see.

No Precious, I meant onc, it's how I spell it :P. Lol jk, itouch autocorrect can lick it.

I am a proud grammar/spelling nazi. Lol, you called him anteater. He's not the original anteater...he's an imposter!!!

Trollz, I spell it urk. I know how it's originally spelt, seeing as how autocorrect kept well correcting it to irk.

Lol I know he's not, but he makes funny comments. So I don't really care, haha.

Surely you don't mean aardvarkish... pfft! Aardvarks are more like pigs that WISH they could be anteaters! And I'm also a proud spelling/grammar/punctuation/diction/etc Nazi. Speaking of which, #127, you have two comma splices in your post!

Chris, I'm clearly not a spelling/grammar Nazi. Seeing as how my spelling is horrible.

Trolls idc, go n corect mi spelin now!?! haha giv u a field dài, eh? Lmao jk, I'm just bored. D:

Lol, no I don't mean Aardvarkish. I meant the guy that used to have that picture. I've let it slide, only because I enjoy your comments, but don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I'm still a bitch. :P

The second part Chris, I have no idea what you meant. head dài?

Precious you don't have horrible spelling. And the second part meant "give you a field day,eh?" lol.

Do you have it under control? Lol, I would not want you to have a nervous break down again!

stop being a fucking grammar Nazi.

Hey guys, I heard there was a Nazi party going on here.

*Stop And too late you missed the party. Lol.

Oh well, I guess I'll just cry myself to sleep.