By Anonymous - 11/10/2010 04:59 - United States

Today, I was playing basketball outside in my driveway. I saw three cute girls walking by, so I thought I would try to show off a little by doing a backwards slam dunk. I jumped, completely missed the rim and hit my head on the backboard. Then my mom ran out to help me up. FML
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Don't worry, nobody noticed you in the first place.

Looks like you wont be SCORING tonight ;)


H8rSk8r 0

Don't worry, nobody noticed you in the first place.

why is there a need for show off? stupid

this is the only fml of a gay guy that i've seen that the OP specifically didn't call himself gay. I salute you OP.

rallets 22

where does it say hes gay? i thought he tried to impress 3 girls?

14 read it again dude... it says "3 girls"

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I think he is saying that he failed so hard that he's gay.

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well you obviously single for that and many other reasons dear.

34 - Which means that in the end, 14 hates gays and homosexuals. Good job on failing, 14.

legonut- 14s comment is commending Op for not pointing out that he is gay. I don't think he was using it as an insult.

no I didn't mean to say anything bad about any homosexuals I just read the fml wrong and I put that it seems like every gay guy that writes an FML says they are gay which doesn't make the FML worse like Im homeless, jobless, and my friend let me into his home but said I smell so I bad I have to keep a distance. Oh yeah I'm also gay. FML

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@#1 That's not true, his mom did! Does anyone see the pattern that when someone tries to impress girls it always goes wrong and they make themselves look dumb.

I did something similar to this but I tried to do a backflip slam needless to write it failed and I had to get stiches

.69 If you hate people stating that they're gay, why did you feel the need to do it yourself in the very same comment? Ha.

#94 read it again, there may not be quotes in the needed places, needless to say- they shouldn't of said anything in the first place without reading it properly

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You look like Phil lynot from thin lizzy.

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you fail so hard. "mommy kiss a boo boo and make it awl betterrr"

YDI for "trying to impress them." You're an idiot :) So sick of these types of FMLs.

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What types of FMLs? You mean...good ones?

lol no. I mean ones like "I saw a hot guy/chick whilst I was playing sport/driving/whatever, so trying to impress him/her, I did (something "cool" related to whatever activity) & failed because something something. They laughed as I cried (Totally made that bit up but you know what I mean lol =p) FML"

This type is still better than the "Today, something mildly bad and unamusing happened in my life and, while my life isn't completely ******, it's going to sting for the next 4 minutes" type. Is unamusing a word?

I know. Stop trying to show off, people. I know that when guys try to impress me, I get mildly annoyed. OP, YDI.

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staciieee_x3, you can't say that you didn't get a thrill out of clicking YDI 50 times while giggling to yourself. What? was it just me? This is better than the FMLs like "I just watched both my parents get killed by robbers...". True FMLs are too depressing to read, but stuff like this one can brighten your morning. Otherwise, one might go to mylifeisg

#59 I enjoy how you have a picture of Seshomaru, and your name is talking about the Matrix ^^.

FYLDeep 25

You hit your head on the backboard? Are you like 7 feet tall?

I could almost bet he had the goal really low.

it was one of those portable "nurf" basketball hoops for 5 year olds that you park in your driveway... HA!

mikejunior88 4

dont try to impress random girls who are walkin gby. 9 times out of 10, you're just gonna end up lookin stupid.

unless u r snoopy^^^^ then u can get away with anything

Today while trying to impress some girls I tried to do a backwards rimjob. It didn't go so well and I ended up hurting my head. My mom then came and kissed it better. :-P