By Anonymous - 18/12/2010 23:47 - United States

Today, I was trying to swat a wasp in my bedroom. I got so frustrated that I ended up punching myself in the face. The wasp is still here, and now I look like I've been in a brawl. FML
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That must really sting. Next time bee more careful.

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Hey, been awhile since we talked. Wasp do not make that type of sound. I think it is moo


very_ugly_girl 0

Hey, been awhile since we talked. Wasp do not make that type of sound. I think it is moo

KingDingALing 9

Cats bark. Guys go skeet skeet. Girls go oh oh. Beds go squeak squeak.

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You FALCON PUNCHed yourself in the face and now you look like you've been in BRAWL.

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who uses the word brawl nowadays?! just sayin

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do wasps buzz?(: haha I'm not sure

I voted both cause, that sucks but y fite tat hard for a frieken wasp?! FYL & YDI!!!

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

haha... POW! Right in the kisser!

flighted 1

Swat a WASP with your HAND, are you kidding me?? lol

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How dare you put your sexy hands on a tiny little bug!! What did the bug did to deserved your anger, I am so glad you punched yourself. Eat no meat!!!

generalasskicker 12

sry If double post but If I was not supposed to eat meat I would not be able to kill it and if it can kill me it can eat me

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Oh geez. who called PETA in here. God forbid one tiny little wasp dies. theyre on the verge of being extinct.

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Your vocabulary is ******* deplorable! Go read a dictionary cover to cover; then, you can posts comments promoting PETA all you want!

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3 things: 1. Wasps are pests. 2. wasps aren't made of meat 3. If you don't eat meat you will look all pale and malnutritiony

LMAO~ wishes someone would have video tape it!

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How is that funny!! He could have killed an innocent bug. What is wrong with you humans.

kayybby 1

An innocent bug? Oh no big deal they only sting the shit out of you. Oh and did I mention some people are so highly allergic to wasp and bee stings that they can DIE from them. I think the question is WTF is wrong with you?

I like the way a very ugly girl comments on a very pretty girls comment :)

YDI, trying to kill an innocent creature.

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That wasp wouldn't be innocent if it stung you!! I'd rather swat an innocent creature that have it bite/eat/sting me

time to find a man that will treat you right. you need to dump that looser.

He's just telling him to dump the wasp!

zp5 4

Thats right, DavidCooksAngel. He really needs to dump that wasp and find a new one.

That must really sting. Next time bee more careful.

Figh hive? Holy shucking fit! Imma go shake a tower. Dood gay!

That's the most spoonerisms I've ever seen in one place. Dicely nun!

... You punched yourself how the hell does that work out? Lack normal dexterity or motor musculature control? Wasps... **** 'em I'd run. So nice when it is cold outside, don't have to worry about such insects for a good while.

The first sentance of your second paragraph really goes well with your prof pic.