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  XxxT3rr4xxX  |  25

haha... POW! Right in the kisser!

  cnd84  |  0

Your vocabulary is fucking deplorable! Go read a dictionary cover to cover; then, you can posts comments promoting PETA all you want!

  kayybby  |  1

An innocent bug? Oh no big deal they only sting the shit out of you. Oh and did I mention some people are so highly allergic to wasp and bee stings that they can DIE from them. I think the question is WTF is wrong with you?

By  unidentified_sta  |  5

... You punched yourself how the hell does that work out? Lack normal dexterity or motor musculature control?

Wasps... Fuck 'em I'd run. So nice when it is cold outside, don't have to worry about such insects for a good while.