By xele - 09/03/2010 14:09 - Poland

Today, I found out that my mom is not only reading my mail, but she is also withholding letters from my bank, college, and insurance company. Why? Because "they could be inappropriate" for me to read. I'm 25. FML
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xele tells us more.

Oh yeah, I am from Poland and its very UNcommon to NOT live with your parents even at the age of 30 and having your own family. People here have family houses and we dont move out like ppl in US. Houses are passed down on younger generations who takes responsibility for it and their older parents at the same time.

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I'd say grow a pair and move out of your parents house. You're 25.

My parents tried to do that to me. I got a P.O. Box until I had enough money to move out of my house.


I'd say grow a pair and move out of your parents house. You're 25.

FYLDeep 25

Does she let you watch rated R movies yet?

why is it that people on this site always seem to be 25?

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Because they don't have the ability to move out of their house? Live alone OP it's much better. Plus you can walk around naked!

How do you know? This happened in Poland, not the US...

No it didn't! No world exists other than mine!

tell her to *** off n tht ur a mature adult who can calmy speak about mature topics without goinn. ooooo tittiesss. unless ur with ur buddies of course;)

get a life and move out of your parents' basement

sounds like you stayed on her nipple too long.

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Maybe I misread it, but I couldve sworn there was no mention of the OP still living at home anywhere in the FML... The OP could have their own place and some of their mail still gets delivered to their parents house cause a lot ofplaces don't update your address no matter HOW many times you tell them the new address...

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I know several of my things still get delivered to my parents house because of tht and I've been living on my own 100% for the last 6 years. Just saying... Sounds like y'all are just assuming the OP is a lazy bum... Plus, even if OP still lives at home @25, that's perfectly acceptable if your going to school (which is mentioned in the FML post) because school already costs too much as it is. why waste money just because "you want to walk around naked"? No matter the situation, OP's mom was way outta line.

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If you're 25 years old and still living at home then it's probably is your own fault. Not always, but probably. If you start college at 18, unless you're going for your PHD you should be done and on with it. And if you're getting your PHD, then you're probably off at an actual university away from home. Not always but probably. Now say you don't start at 18, because you joined the Military or something (like I did) that would be more understandable. But even though I could potentially live at home, I moved out because I'm an adult and I shouldn't rely on my parents to take care of me. I go to school full time, I get my GI Bill money, and I work so I can have extra cash. And I live alone, because again. I'm an adult. I fully agree with living at home when you're in school but there has to be a limit. And if the OP is treated like a child, then they probably act like a child. If they acted as an adult they wouldn't accept this type of treatment.

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she has mi right to do that. demand you get them back. those things have nothing innapropriate in them. if not then get up early/ move out.

Oh I don't know...maybe because it's a recession and OP might not have the means to move out! I love how everyone ignores that. Not everyone has the money to move out of their parents' house, especially by themselves (BLUE_COCONUTS! If I hear you harp about about how amazing it is to live by yourself one more time...), so anyone who doesn't realize that, they're ignorant.

First and foremost, grow up and move out. Secondly, let your mom know that opening someone elses mail is a federal offence and if she ever does that again you'll press charges. Oh, who am I kidding. You're too much of a mommas boy. Now go rub mommys feet. They get tired walking all over you.

you should shave your unibrow dickersnoodle

Blue_Coconuts 7

Cry more, 68. You want money, be a man and join the Military. That is how you grow up. Take ******* responsibility with your life instead of blaming other people/things for your failure. Success takes work and determination. I worked hard to be able to support myself and I continue to do so. Fucking people these days just expect shit handed to them.

^^Sound advice, join the armed forces. I don't know what the Polish military is like, but if it's anything like the Hungarian military, you're gonna have some fun in basic training. There is only so much hatred an English-speaking instructor can convey, and believe me, those Hungarians can yell the sound of pure anger. I only observed, and yet I feel more squared-away than most American drill instructor could do.

#73 is right, It is a federal offense to tamper with others' mail. Also, Blue Coconuts, you are totally right. I cant get a job right now, but instead of taking classes to upgrade my skills and get back on my feet, like I'm doing, I should just listen to you. I'll join the Army and go shoot at people I have no personal problem with, in their own country. Cause that's the "Manly" and "Adult" thing to do, right?

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You don't have to shoot people in the Army, you can do other things that help people (such as a medic) or do a lot of different jobs that allow you to get training and experience which helps a lot when it comes to finding jobs in the civilian world. There is a reason why many of our leaders in both the Political world, and the big name corporations have some sort of Military experience. It helps.

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^ Thank you so much Blue Coconuts! I hate the assumption that military service means picking up a rifle and marching off to war. Make no mistake though OP, If you have ANY doubts about joining, then DON'T! Regardless of what country, you give up a lot when you join the military.

report her to the gov, if it's addressed to u and she reads it she is comitting a federal offense

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that's a federal offense so even though she's your mother call the feds

Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for our military and am grateful every day that they keep us safe. But I also don't believe that the military is for everyone. I can respect the military all i want but I don't think I'm cut out to follow that calling myself (honestly I doubt I would make it through basic training). Everyone is different. I absolutely want to live on my own when I graduate college. It is my ultimate goal. However, given the job market, I may not have a job by the time I graduate. Even if I do have a job, given that my chosen career field requires a car and given that the area of the country I live in is very expensive, the chances that I will be able to support myself around here in the next year are pretty slim (and I do have reasons other than my parents for staying here). I WANT to support myself, and I fully intend on paying rent to my parents, but I might not be able to be a completely independent adult with my own place right out of college. Not everyone who still lives at home with their parents sits around expecting things to be given to them on a silver platter, just because they didn't manage to "man up" and follow the same path you did.

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Yes, violence. That will certainly solve a 25 year old man's problems, or am I thinking of a 10 year old boy's?

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wow, got some long comments here

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Ok. Dude if you don't learn how to type correctly I will go grammar Nazi on your ass.

#94 thank GOD there are people like you. The OP MIGHT just be trying to go to school and living at home to save money in this *gasp* RECESSION. If that's the case, FYL OP. BlueCoconuts, imma run you over with a tank if you harp about your oh-so-glorious life. You are just ONE soldier, most likely spitting out propaganda the military hand-fed you. Open your eyes: not all vets live like you. If the OP is indeed lazy, YDI.

With today's economy, you can't really judge a person for living with their parents, even at 25. OP should have a serious talk with mom and, if she still doesn't respect your age, get a personal mail box.

@snickerdoodles, Mature adults can still get excited about a nice pair of *******.

Fuck them! god get out of there,!! move out ur 25!!!!

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you all need to leave blue coconuts alone. he's doing what he's got to do. and the op one needs to grow a set and get that shit striaght and 2 he needs to if he's licit with them still seek a way to work and move out.

Urm.... Going through any ones email is a federal law! Not just in the USA.

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Its some people cultures to live with their parents until they get married. Maybe OP just wants to follow the tradition.

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The current time period cannot be labeled as a recession. Economical time periods can only be identified retrospectively

My parents tried to do that to me. I got a P.O. Box until I had enough money to move out of my house.

I bet the OP still sleeps with a nightlight and carries their blankie awound.

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Your mother is crazy & needs to be institutionalized and now you're old enough to do it.

agreed with number one. you fail for living at home at 25. ydi 100%

I agree absolutely, I don't get why this comment got so many nagative votes. probably from 25 year olds who also live with their parents. If you're in college and have a bank account, you either have a dorm to get your mail at, or you have a job and can get your own place. If you still live with mommy and daddy at 25, those letters probably are inappropriate for you. Only an adult can read that kind of stuff.

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Some people can't support themselves, and they never stated whether they actually lived there. And if you're gonna call me a 'mommas boy' that's also 25 and lives with their parents, first, I'm a girl if you couldn't guess, and second, yes, I do still live with my parents, but I'm a teenager who's still in school, so stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT.

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Time to move out, methinks. Not because of your age (for all we know, you could be in college still), but because your mother is a controlling bitch.

Wth? That's kind of crazy. I agree with #2, get a P.O. box!

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you need to put a stop to this before she intercepts something awesome, like a big fat birthday money check. I suggest you act your age, slap that bitch, and have her make you a goddamn sammich!!

Given that he's living at home, I'd imagine she's made him many a sammich before.