By ouch - Belgium
Today, I was in the airport after saying goodbye to my boyfriend who left for three months. Walking back to my car, I saw a young couple kissing passionately. If that wasn't bad enough, the guy then picked his girlfriend up, spun her round in the air and her foot kicked me square in the jaw. FML
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  mshoes12346  |  3

hey, now lets not fight fire with fire!! but geezzz thats gotta hurt! im sure it was an accident but did they at least apologize or notice that u were hit??

  Graawr  |  7

Aw that sucks op. :(
But let it go, maybe they we're separated before too and just met today again and were too happy to care for other people around them. :


haha 49 you're stupid she was minding her own business and just happened to see the couple, is she supposed to look at the floor til she gets to her car?? (for all I know OP can be a guy but saying she makes it easier)

  CableX17  |  0

Am I the only one that noticed this chick is the "little kid" from an earlier FML that described *exactly* this?? Commented here because I thought perdix would have noticed.

  NightSkyx  |  0

While spinning my girlfriend today, I accidently kicked some lady square in the jaw. she didn't seem to like it at all, but she never got back up.


y'all have obviously not been to LAX or some other really busy airport... these airports are usually crowded with people, so can you really blame her for being so close to them??