By ouch - 01/09/2010 13:50 - Belgium

Today, I was in the airport after saying goodbye to my boyfriend who left for three months. Walking back to my car, I saw a young couple kissing passionately. If that wasn't bad enough, the guy then picked his girlfriend up, spun her round in the air and her foot kicked me square in the jaw. FML
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thatguy626 0

either you're really short or he lifted her up super high anyway sorry op

mshoes12346 3

hey, now lets not fight fire with fire!! but geezzz thats gotta hurt! im sure it was an accident but did they at least apologize or notice that u were hit??

Graawr 7

Aw that sucks op. :( But let it go, maybe they we're separated before too and just met today again and were too happy to care for other people around them. :

jamaiconmon 4

I have to say life just bitch slapped you with someone elses foot OP

BOOM Headshot!!!! futhermore... **** ANTIFLOOD

Today, I reunited with my girlfriend, we swung magesticly! Then some meat-sack ruined the moment. WITH HER FACE. FML.

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that was a suprise ending. gotta say i wasnt exprcting that

iTaylor 0

omg picturing that is just too funny

tooGee24 0

hahah sorry op but u deserved it, nxt time mind your own buisness && Maybe u won't get hit

tweetbaby14 18

kick the guy in the knees and stomp his girlfriend then speed off before security or the cops get to you.

KarinaLizeth18 5

haha 49 you're stupid she was minding her own business and just happened to see the couple, is she supposed to look at the floor til she gets to her car?? (for all I know OP can be a guy but saying she makes it easier)

baseballboy6595 0

who gives a shit. you'll probably break up eventually anyway

KarinaLizeth18 5

oh wait I fail it is a she haha I forgot about the gender indicator :P dang now I feel stupid... but not as stupid as 49 :D

rallets 22

love hurts but sometimes its a good hurt and it feels like im alive

pinkpillowz 0

I feel like that could be in a movie and when her foot hits ops mouth the happy music will die down like a broken record :). haha

KarinaLizeth18 5

haha 68 love that song :D wooooo (^0^)/

_Damien_ 0

oh I'm in Belgium too!! not that it matters lol

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ChesterJester11 0

why were you so close when they were passionately kussing?

don't sweat it sis. we alll get kicked in the mounth by random strangers.

rohosoccer08 1

yeah I was definately expecting the guy to be her bf... yay for suprised endings!

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hhaah lol Is that would u have done #2? :)

perdix 29

Ironically, your boyfriend is Chuck Norris and everyone thinks he roundhoused you good-bye at the airport.

CableX17 0

Am I the only one that noticed this chick is the "little kid" from an earlier FML that described *exactly* this?? Commented here because I thought perdix would have noticed.

The four-year-old? Yeah, I noticed that as well.

NightSkyx 0

While spinning my girlfriend today, I accidently kicked some lady square in the jaw. she didn't seem to like it at all, but she never got back up.

randomlover 0

I thought you were about to say that dude was your boyfriend now that would be ****** up but you stood to close and you were being nosey so yea

Exactly, if she wouldn't have been standing right next to them, she wouldn't have gotten owned like that...

FFML_314 11

But 5 she was only trying to make their love fest a little more interesting. Ménage à trois. ;]

KarinaLizeth18 5

y'all have obviously not been to LAX or some other really busy airport... these airports are usually crowded with people, so can you really blame her for being so close to them??

hthelittleone 10

sucks. but what were you doing so close to them anyway??


it's called personal space you creeper.

not when ur unleashing too much PDAs !! pig