By airport - / Sunday 10 May 2009 18:49 / United States
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  Nsnlover  |  0

Today I was finally going to see mommy the first time in two months, before I got to see mommy some ladies foot hit me and I passed out unconisis. fml

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

You're a fucking asshole; you can't control feel size!!! Plus, I have average sized feet and I end up almost whacking people with them in open gym time in gymnastics on the ropes. ( they're for the little kids, but we can use them for play time)

By  mouseintern  |  0

Haha, this gave me a nice mental picture. FML? More like F his life. Poor little kid, just skipping through life, all sunshine and puppies when BAM out of nowhere he gets a foot to the face.

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