By airport - 10/05/2009 18:49 - United States

Today, I flew to see my long distance boyfriend who I haven't seen in 6 months. Upon seeing me, he ran up to me, picked me up and swung me around like they do in the movies. In doing so, my foot hit a 4 year old child who was running past and knocked him out. FML
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Jertastic 0

GREAT! 4 year olds are bitches anyway. he probably deserved it.

Chuck3791 0

I'm favoriting this. I litterally laughed outloud


Jertastic 0

GREAT! 4 year olds are bitches anyway. he probably deserved it.

Today I was finally going to see mommy the first time in two months, before I got to see mommy some ladies foot hit me and I passed out unconisis. fml

Ftw nsnlover!!!

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today, i was attempting to swing my girlfriend around romanticly when i swung her into a four year old, knocking him out. fml

xxbadassbitchxx 0

WIN!!!!! I accidentally kicked a 3yr old in the head, but he was OKAY:P

your lie isn't effed fhl

One less high-pitched-voice faggot in Xbox

^ wow I love this comment soo much. it's funny how his username is ghandisays ahahaha soo funny

Yes, because a 4 year old play is highly likely to play Xbox, isn't he...? :/

OP, fuck it, you had your awesome moment, I'm sure the kid'll end up fucking someone over and not caring eventually

this isnt an FML... lol. its a F*** the little kid's life...

crazykidd15 0

tru dat

Wheres the moderator on this one?

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Lol. Hey um why would you try to recreate a movie? It's fiction. Also, why the hell would you do it in an airport?

Chuck3791 0

I'm favoriting this. I litterally laughed outloud

boojie97 12

learn to spell why don't ya?

195... no need to be a fucking grammar nazi.

195. Go fuck yourself, she can spell however she wants.

Lct1196 31

It is "you" not "ya"

YDI for having giant feet

Ninjasaurus18 9

You're a fucking asshole; you can't control feel size!!! Plus, I have average sized feet and I end up almost whacking people with them in open gym time in gymnastics on the ropes. ( they're for the little kids, but we can use them for play time)

just... what the fuck?

Little kids have small heads

She can't control the size of her feet, you asshole!

guys this was a joke lmao leave them alone XD

xcman 0

When that kid goes to school tomorrow, none of his friends will believe how he got his black eye. I wonder what his parents said to you!

Today, I was at the airport walking by, when some lady round house kicked me in the face and knocked me out. Thanks. FML

mouseintern 0

Haha, this gave me a nice mental picture. FML? More like F his life. Poor little kid, just skipping through life, all sunshine and puppies when BAM out of nowhere he gets a foot to the face.