By Asterisk1009 - 29/06/2009 05:41 - United States

Today, I finally got the courage to tell my parents that I'm gay. My mom said "Yeah, we know." When I asked how they knew, my dad, without looking up from the tv, said, "We've been monitoring your Internet history." FML
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hey atleast they didn't care.

Major invasion of your privacy, sure. But at least they didn't freak out and were totally fine about it. Plus, they waited until you were ready to tell them rather than confront you when they figured it out through snooping...gotta give them credit for that!


Eh, you deserve it for being gay. :p kidding kidding, Apathy, can hurt as much as anger ... Still ... praise yourself happy, some folks act out way worse. On another note: good for you and best of luck!

Meee too. I just did that seconds ago. xD

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Apathy SHOULD be the correct response by tolerant, accepting parents. If your kid came up to you and said "Mom, dad... I'm straight." your response would probably be something like... okay... so? It shouldn't really matter to parents whether their kid is straight or gay.

fuck, my parents must know (and they won't be cool with it)! even though I only looked at it once on my computer (thank god for the iPhone). I found out my brother was gay via his computer history.

Why is this an fml?

HAHAHA!!! sorry...but at least they are cool about it

Believe me, when it comes to a coming out, things can be much worse than your parents just saying "Yeah, we know..." So I really can't say FYL. I would actually say FML 'cause all parents aren't as cool as yours...

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That's how my parents found out I was a player! Except they hacked my myspace and read my messages! Yay for obnoxious parents.

Wow and i always thought my parents sucked... they won't let me use facebook. True to all that are saying that at least they care bout him. once when i was complaining bout my parents to my friends one said i was lucky to have parents that cared so much...we don't realise what we have in life

girls are whores, they can't be players. at least that's not what we call them.

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we like the dresses u wear everyday. congrats.

We like the muzzles that you never put in your mouth any day. Well, me at least.

mmmmmm no. not fyl for being gay. lyl (love your life) for being gay.

I think the implication was that his (Her? Gay is a gender-neutral term) parent's knew he/she was looking at porn. His/her coming out wasn't the focus, just the context.

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ydi for being gay