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Today, after weeks of thinking and playing every outcome possible in my head, I told my parents I'm gay. My dad nodded and didn't even look up from his book; my mom told me to go to the doctor if it starts to itch. FML
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Xavi89 0

hahah I guess they already knew!

they could have taken it so much worse. while not exactly supportive, they didn't scream at you to leave, either. be grateful you were able to get it off your chest, and congrats!


Xavi89 0

hahah I guess they already knew!

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KingDingALing 9

It's really not that bad, OP...they could've gone beserk. Be happy they didn't.

I know people are gonna hate me for this, but I think you should suck up your ******* gayness. PLEASE PEOPLE I KNOW OP CANT HELP IT SO DONT OWN ME BUT O HATE GAYS!

11 - then it would have been best if you kept it to yourself. OP- at least your parents didn't kick you out

I hate people that hate gays... Sure, they can be annoying if they act and dress like the opposite gender, but it's actually not a choice to be gay or not. They can't control the fact that they like people the same gender as them, just like how I can't control that I like girls. So I don't like it when people hate someone because of something they can't control at all, like their sexuality.

zerobahamut03 2

When I told my mom she ended up crying. She's fine now though which is good. She is supportive of my boyfriend and I. My dad though on the other hand hasn't talked to me in 2 weeks. I would say your experience went pretty good op!

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Well, atleast you know what to do if it itches.

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omg 29. you are very attractive! I like ur pic:)

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oh and sorry dude. parents are assholes sometimes but overall they love u no matter what. at least mine do. anyway that would have stung a little. but just look forward and ask to talk to them and get their full attention. then you will feel better:)

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27 your're being hypocritical. you're yelling at people for hating a group of people while you're hating a group of people yourself. you're hating on haters...jus sayin

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Today, I saw this guy tell himself to burn in hell. It really made me upset because I knew I was smart enough to say an insult to someone other than myself. However, if 51 didn't fail so bad then I wouldn't of had this awful experience. FML

27, Yes!!! ^_^ Homophobes/haters really bug me. I hate how so many of them will hurt/kill/publicly mortify anyone that's homosexual. But that's why I do my damndest to let my homosexual friends know that I'll do anything to protect them if they need it. <3 If any of my friends see this, I love you a ton, guys! ^_^

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54 ur not getting what 27 is saying. he hats ppl that make fun of things they can't control. "haters" can control whether or not they hate gay ppl but gay ppl can't control that they're gay. I completely agree with 27

You should have posted this on My parents are religious and hate gays .. They disapprove of my cousin who is also homosexual and I don't have the guts to tell them .. So considering ... I think you're lucky.

Ugh .. You live in California .. This is why you are lucky .. I live in Singapore

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This isn't an fml. now you got it off your chest. flamer.

Your butt will itch that's one sure thing ;)

up above, its a bird, its a plane, its superman. NO its a win :D

zerobahamut03 2

Not to be technical but it depends on what kind of gay he turns out to be. Since his parents didn't care when he came out because they probably already knew. We can assume that he must be a girly gay. In which case yes, his butt is gonna be sore Lol.

you could have gotten a way worse reaction they could have disowned u so quit ur bitching

Paramorefan2 1

well, it could have been worse!

they could have taken it so much worse. while not exactly supportive, they didn't scream at you to leave, either. be grateful you were able to get it off your chest, and congrats!

Are you parents stupid? They don't seem to care.

The fact that the mother said, "Go to the doctor if it itches."

It's good advice. It might just be that she didn't know what else to say.

Indeed, Pen. However, maybe Annihilator thinks that the mum was trying to make an ignorant anti-gay comment? But I think if that were the case, then she'd have reacted in a completely different way to her son telling her he was gay.

Yeah, as I see it, they reacted in exactly the same manner that they would have had OP announced, "Hey Mom and Dad, just so you know, I'm straight." Isn't that, y'know, equality? Aka, a good thing?

I think it's great they just accepted it

I was thinking that his parents weren't listening, despite his over-preparation.

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at least they didn't freak out on you!