By claudio117 - 08/04/2012 09:16 - Canada - Coquitlam

Today, during an Easter egg hunt, I found divorce papers. FML
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snowmount07 6

Oh wow. What a horrible way to find out! I'm sorry, that really sucks. :(


Oh wow. What a horrible way to find out! I'm sorry, that really sucks. :(

what an asshole. umm...well...happy easter?! :|

QueenQuay77 10

He/She Could've least had the decency to tell OP to their face, that was a coward move. Maybe this was a good thing because now you can find someone with more backbone.

Wether or not they meant for you to find them, just presenting divorce papers to someone (that doesn't know how you feel) is just bull shit.

Everyone assumes it was OP's husband/wife - it could be his/hers parents

hubla 0

Was it hidden in an egg and did your husband/wife give you a hint of where to look

Awful...did you at least get chocolate to ease the pain?

Damn you 124, why comment and not clarify whether it was for you or someone else?

That sucks OP... Hopefully tomorrow will be better and bring you a nicer person :D

OP could be a kid who found his parents' divorce papers while looking for the eggs

Tomorrow he will be divorced or if he is a kid his parents will... Tsk tsk dont make false promises how can a step-mom/dad be better than the real parent?

107, sometimes "real" parents don't know how to be parents at all, and it's a step-parent that raises a child. Not all females who give birth can raise a child well.

deLongenator 4

I once found marriage papers. My mom ran off and got married without telling me.

labudamike 6

This isn't about you...If its so important submit your own FML

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Just telling how I can relate in a twisted way.

deLongenator 4

And to add to the story, I was like 12 so it was extremely hard on me.

snowmount07 6

Don't ya think that's a little bit too eggstreme?

Your yolk is cracked up dude. Uh, never mind.

All depends sometimes the Easter bunny stuffs 20$ bills in the eggs

141, so as long as there's 20 bucks in some of the eggs.. divorce papers are OK. #priorities

Well that's neither the time or place for something like that

Did you not read the FML? OP found them by accident.

JustDerpin 11

well, the FML never said where OP found the papers..

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nofearjenshere 12

122- I just took a guess. I was trying to figure out from the username if OP was a guy or girl but I couldn't tell. :b I wish every FML had the gender, it would take the guesswork out of commenting.

My name is Jordan and I'm a girl. Most Jordan's I know are girls.

And you said "him" because it's always a guy that is the jerk... Right?

108 - No need for baseless assumptions. I understand where you're coming from, thank you very much machists and feminists and society in general, but some people just use the male form of every article in case they are uncertain. I, for one, often do, and it's kinda subconcious, not because the guy is always the scumbag or the good guy, but just because that's the way I am, and I'm probably not the only one. So. Yeah. Point made. I did not mean any offense anywhere in this comment, and don't even say this in a harsh way, before some bashers come at me. Rant over.