By KillMePlease - United States - Hicksville
Today, I was given a new responsibility at the law firm where I work. I'm now in charge of punching holes in every single piece of paper to be found in the office, estimated to be in the hundred-thousands. The reason? I finish my daily clerical work too quickly. FML
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  1dvs_bstd  |  41

I'm beginning to see a trend here. If you work too hard, effectively and efficiently, you get more work with no increase in salary to show for it. Lesson? Stall on your work long enough to finish it just before closing.

  El_Boxeador  |  14

If OP is working in a professional environment where there's opportunities to move up, he should try he's hardest be become the best hole puncher there is! He might be given more shit work, but if he keeps being efficient at everything someone is gonna hear of him. Once that happens he's gonna be more likely to move up.

  core01  |  30

It never works like that. Efficiency makes you indispensable in your current position. They won't move you because they can't replace you easily.
Companies promote incompetence.


That wouldn't exactly be smart. I don't think they'd take kindly to someone being a smart ass just because they were tasked with such a boring job, that's a good way to get written up or fired. Especially when it is common knowledge that hole punches go on the edge of the paper, whether it be right or left.