By backtosquareone - 04/10/2009 09:42 - Canada

Today, after weeks of therapy for severe depression, my therapist thought it would be helpful to confess my deepest problems to my friends, to prove that it was alright to trust people. I did. They laughed. Hard. FML
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Wow, that sucks **** your friends, find some new ones

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I think you need some new friends. Depression is a very serious thing.


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Learn not to depend on others. The stronger you are, the better friends and relationships you'll have.

So _this_ is how people who actually voted YDI think...

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I think you need some new friends. Depression is a very serious thing.

I'm sorry your friends are all assholes. Big hug. Don't let this ruin everything.

What a bunch of assholes. **** them, find some new friends.

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Maybe your depressed because you have sucky friends?

To me the most depressing part is the bone-headed therapist. How stupid is it to tell someone if such a fragile state to "confess" their problems to their friends, not knowing whether they are mature men, or moronic, party-boy, drinkin' buddies who light their own farts? Gee, Doc, if I thought spilling my guts to my jackass buddies would help, why the **** would I need you?

You're assuming that he never mentioned his friends before. For all we know OP probably stated that he confided in his friends and played them up as his form of escape. It seems the doc wanted him to tell his friends the deepness/root of his problems, and he didn't expect those reactions. But then again I'm assuming that he did talk about his friends, so I guess we both can't judge hahaha. ________________________________

When the OP has 300 characters to write his story and some of them have to be "Today" and "FML," we have to make LOTS of assumptions.

I'm sure they aren't nearly as bad as the folks who will make fun of you on FML - good move on your part!