By aussiegirl - 15/10/2020 08:02 - Australia - Sydney

Vibe check

Today, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression after being severely bullied and harassed at my workplace. It was also today that my fiancée told me I was “creating really negative vibes.” FML
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If you’re depressed and dealing with anxiety is entirely possible that you’re a part of the problem. Everything in life isn’t one sided. Your co workers suck but you’re clearly not all rainbows and sunshine

By  Fergus52  |  16

I would strongly suggest you quit, no matter how much you need the work nothing is more important than one's mental well-being. You'll be able to find another job, and Centrelink will help you pay your bills while you transition to a new job.
Either that or Somehow obtain proof of the bullying and then report it to the Fairwork Ombudsman (or police).