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  \  |  28

It's a forum, what did you expect? 99% of all forum mods of all subjects are incredibly butthurt.

  StiffPvtParts  |  43

It's far more likely that she misunderstood OP, and assumed that he was just messing with her. An online forum sounds like a horrible place to confess such a thing, with it being so easy to take such things out of context. (._.)

By  mario2012  |  18

That isn't a valid reason to ban you. I think you should fight it. Still wasn't a very wise thing for you to do but her banning you over it was immature on her part in my opinion. So I would have to say FYL.

By  Spyingcheeseman  |  8

I said Your life sucks but you deserve it at the same time. she didn't ban it cuz you confessed. she banned you because forums usually have a specific topic. and you totally went off topic. so she got rid of you.