By Depirama - 28/02/2014 21:26 - France - Bron

Today, I confessed my love for the girl I like, on the forum she moderates. She responded by banning me. FML
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ok you needed to man up and tell her how you feel In REAL LIFE not a forum


Weird_situations 13

Man up and ask her in real life!

thats about one of the worst places to tell her talk to her or at least text her

cryssycakesx3 22

I never thought I'd see the day where someone says "at least send a text"

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It's a forum, what did you expect? 99% of all forum mods of all subjects are incredibly butthurt.

And so they should be, have you ever been a mod? People can be really really abusive to you.

Cadillac4427 8

#1 I concur ...why on a forum? I think it should of been done privately ...especially it being such sensitive information.

Maybe OP is a stalker or a creep. I mean think about it, WHY would anyone do something like that?

well, I guess we know her answer then...

StiffPvtParts 43

It's far more likely that she misunderstood OP, and assumed that he was just messing with her. An online forum sounds like a horrible place to confess such a thing, with it being so easy to take such things out of context. (._.)

ok you needed to man up and tell her how you feel In REAL LIFE not a forum

they might live far away - if they've never met it could be the only way OP could tell her

At least you got an answer...FYI..rejection is better in person, usually nicer than that.

That's a face to face kind of conversation op

Confessing any type of love or affection never works over the Internet. I thought we established this with online dating sights?

My friendly advice to you: this commenting thing you're doing, it's not really working out, maybe you should take a break

That isn't a valid reason to ban you. I think you should fight it. Still wasn't a very wise thing for you to do but her banning you over it was immature on her part in my opinion. So I would have to say FYL.

Why are you getting thumbed down? This is true, she was abusing her power.

That depends on the forum rules. Maybe they weren't supposed to divulge personal info or say anything off topic from the site subject.

I said Your life sucks but you deserve it at the same time. she didn't ban it cuz you confessed. she banned you because forums usually have a specific topic. and you totally went off topic. so she got rid of you.

I don't think he posted it on a thread. Most likely he sent it to her in a PM.

He said he did on the forum she moderates.

ChristianH39 30

You can send private messages on a lot of forums