By wipeoffincircles - 27/05/2017 03:00 - United States - Gresham

Today, at work, my manager thought I needed to be showed how to use Windex. FML
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If you said "shown"instead of "showed" he might not have felt he needed to show you.


Yeah, I hate my housemates ability to clean of something. If it was in this house, you clean it, show me and do it again. Till you've done it properly. I have all day to spare.

Ouch, micromanagement is always painful!

That's a borderline case of workplace condescension. When your manager comes at you with a roll of toilet paper, that's when you run like hell!

Yeah, it's not for cleaning things, it's a cure all for when you're hurt.

If you said "shown"instead of "showed" he might not have felt he needed to show you.

Same thing happened to me. My mom hired me to deep clean her office (I'm unemployed unfortunately) and after 2 hours of cleaning, when I moved to the room her office is in, she felt the need to start explaining in baby terms on how I should be cleaning. Wouldn't that have been helpful in the beginning as oppose to when I'm finished??

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You weren't at a big fat Greek wedding were you?

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Keep telling your manager you don't quite understand and show you again and again on a new spot. Your manager would eventually clean the whole place up and you wouldn't even need to lift a finger!