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Today, I dozed off during a lecture. When I woke up, I didn't recognize any of the people surrounding me, and I saw one guy pointing and laughing at me. It turns out, my professor instructed everyone to let me sleep because he wanted to see how long it would be before I woke up. I was asleep for three hours. FML
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Thecarpaltunnelo 0

Ha. That sounds hilarious. Look on the bright side, you got to sleep for 3 hours... undisturbed.


theonlysweetpea 10

You poor bastard. I'm being sarcastic of course.

Oh of course, what a nice considerate prof you have. If we fall asleep in our lectures we have to go to the prof house for dinner as punishment, and you don't want to know what we have for desert...

azhein 0

I did that once in highsvhool but it was the last class of the day so almost everyone had left school already. my friend sat right beside in the class too but didn't wake me up.

I dozed off in class once. woke up in a barn with only cowboy boots on and a whip in my hand. lesson learned.

oh well lucky for you I have an emergency camera inserted into my anal cavity so as soon as I woke up I yanked it right out and put it to work. I also pulled out some car keys. they weren't mine.

fireball941 6
knownunknown101 0

hahahahaha teach you to fall asleep in class again now won't it (:

everyone falls alseep during lecture ydi for getting caught

Acousticpixie14 6

I never fall asleep during lecture, I dunno what world you're living in.

heyimzim 4

haha my teacher would get the heaviest book and drop it on the floor to wake them up

nocanhaz 4

One teacher in my school drops a large metal pipe on the floor. It's funny to watch people wake up to that.

Acousticpixie14 6

I had one who'd lift their desk about an inch off the ground and let it drop. THAT woke them up real quick!

ryanst 7

My English teacher last year would walk up to my sleeping friend, look at him and look around for a bit, kick his desk as hard as she could, and casually walk away.

purplemnm 9

once, my teacher tried to wake me up by throwing a book at my desk. the book slid and hit me in the nose. I stood up and took a hostile stance, while my nose was bleeding and I got sent to the office for "threatening" her.

dezinspaaace 0

my history teacher back in high school would sneak up behind this one student that always fell asleep in class and scream super loud haha the dude's expressions were priceless. :D

allanaskye 0

My Critical thinking teacher puts a fake rat on the kids desk so they freak out when they wake up.

I had Glandular fever and Toxo during my final year, I fell asleep during every class, in the shower, tying my shoelaces. I think the only thing that saved me from being caught asleep was that in my struggle to keep my eyes from closing, i would wind up asleep bolt upright with my eyes open.. I simply couldn't stop it and as a result they would dry out from lack of blinking. Took me years to recover from being lethargic. As funny and creative as these tactics are, I think these teachers are also a bit cruel. Some of these kids could have had sleeping illnesses. Waking up ached all over, particularly waking up to shock. Which was why i used to get so angry when i would overhear teachers bitching about kids yawning in class. People should really be more aware.

Thecarpaltunnelo 0

Ha. That sounds hilarious. Look on the bright side, you got to sleep for 3 hours... undisturbed.

did you have to write on the board something like bart simpson always has to?

theatregurl 0

my teacher uses many ways to wake us, like, nerf guns, water guns, rubber balls, blow horns... and these are only the things I've seen in class

KingDingALing 9

Same shit happened to me! I woke up because I thought that I farted. I was looking around to see if anyone heard but nobody was looking at me so I knew that it was just my imagination. You can call that a real brain fart.