By MegGRRRz - 28/11/2009 15:33 - United States

Today, I woke up and took my mom to work. It wasn't until after I got home, logged on Facebook and looked at the upcoming birthdays to see that it was her birthday today. No wonder she was silent the entire car ride and slammed the door on the way out. FML
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This is when you bake a big cake and tell her you were only pretending to forget. You can recover!

Quick, you have a couple of hours to arrange a mini surprise party!!


This is when you bake a big cake and tell her you were only pretending to forget. You can recover!

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wow, you're an ass. How do you not know your own mother's birthday?

Maybe he/she forgot because his/her mom is a bitch or the mother never makes a big deal of her birthday. That's how my parents are, all they do is go out to eat with each other. I wish the only thing that happened on my birthday was just presents but nooooooooooo, we have to have a stupid party.

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yeah I agree with #5 she should remember her own mother's birthday. even if her mum was a bitch, she should still be able to remember, or at least know it was around then, or something.

i cant remember either of my parents birthdays xD

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Do what the others suggest, bake a cake, get her flowers or a gift & surprise her when she gets home. If you literally rolled out of bed & drove her to work, it's understandable that you'd be out of it for a while. You can still make up for it!

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It's the same way with the phone. After the 5th time I called, he FINALLY answers the phone. After I said hello, he started yelling at me about how "it was upstairs and he didn't hear it, so I should get off of his back." And yet I forget ONE time and "you need to have it with you ALWAYS. It's for communication. What if we took the phone/computer etc. away? Would that finally teach you to be more responsible?" ...dick.

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See not allllll parents are like this...They really need to grow up if they are. lame asses.

no one remembers my birthday T~T so ur mum's not alone T~T

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most FMLs are about the parents forgetting the kids birthday. this one is the oposite.

sounds like it's time to plan a surprise birthday party.

You need Facebook to remember your mom's birthday? You're a horrible daughter!

I really don't understand any of these responses. People forget birthdays. Big deal. On my birthday, I certainly don't expect the world to revolve around me. I just asked a friend what he'd do if someone forgot his, and he said, "I'd probably forget my own birthday."

Reyo 2

I'd be be quite honest. All of this "aww happy birthday! How old are you? Really? Wow that's old! lol jk. Open my present first! Let's go bowling!" bullshit makes me sick...

The horrible daughter part was more ironic, it isn't that big of a deal, it's more the fact that she uses Facebook and remembers things like that not because of the calendar, not because of the mobile phone, not because of the family/friends but because of some random website that can crush down anytime.

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umm sweetie dnt **** your life **** you poor mothers life )': id like disown you (:

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If you ever have a child (perish the thought), please make sure you're not still one yourself.

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plan a surprise party with her favorite kind of cake and say you were only pretending to forget it