By TaddM21 - 02/01/2015 03:18 - United States - Salem

Today, I dragged my grill outside in the freezing cold to cook a steak for New Year's day. I left my spatula in the garage, and I set the still-wrapped steak on the grill. I was only gone 45 seconds, but that was long enough for my cat to open the wrapper and run off with my steak in his jaws. FML
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It's not about having your food, it's just about occasionally being a nuisance. I have a love/hate relationship with animals, although I greatly love my dog.

To me, people are a bigger nuisance than animals. But maybe that's because I work in retail.

well that escalated quickly -for Op that is

Man whenever I see your comments it's always disliked.

You should be grilled about this. (I cant resist)

You better make like the fat off a steak before I make like Foreman.

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I'm sorry OP! I hope you still got something else to grill, without your cat steeling it from you!

Either you were cooking a small steak or you have one big cat.

Also you should be grateful that this happened. Most guys would love it if they had a pussy take their meat on New Year's Day.

did you actually just reply to your own comment?

No, it's all in your imagination #26. Also, to #12, even a smallish cat can run off with a decent size steak. If they can't carry it, they drag it.

I was expecting a bird or a dog or something. Not a cat!

Learn a different way to cook a steak, in a fry pan, under the broiler come to mind.