By Anonymous - United States - Flushing
Today, what few friends I have won't talk to me anymore. My ex told them she dumped me because I abused her. I never abused her. What really happened is that she dumped me in a rage after I refused to give her money for drugs. Nobody's even asked for my side of the story. FML
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  Kielnmsoftly  |  26

This is like how my family did. Stupid ass grandma told the rest of our family that me and my parents said shit to them that she actually did to us and now there's no communication with that side of the family.

  Koalax3  |  18

Exactly. Something very similar happened to me when someone started spreading rumors about me being pregnant. That's when I realized who my real friends were

  emmsies  |  16

I'm doubting that his ex is gonna want to talk to him again after hearing the way she reacted....and ops not going to get his friends back they'll still believe her and call him a huge duchebag for "abusing" her and then getting her in trouble with the police....even though that "should" be him

By  KittyLahv  |  27

They were never your real friends. If they were, they'd talk to you about it or know you well enough to know you'd never do something like that. Also, nobody wants a crazy, manipulative girlfriend who is willing to leave someone for drugs.

  heirofhope  |  38

Exactly. They aren't your real friends OP, and be glad she broke up with you, because you don't need someone like her and especially her drugs in your life. You'll find people who value you very soon, just be patient.