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  Caitie_kid  |  8

You should ask them the same thing and when they say "what?" You should smack them and then say "see, like right now you look really sad. What's that all about?"

  chatokun  |  10

I have both a friend and someone I know at work who always look angry with their idle faces. When you actually talk to them their faces are lively and full of smiles, but just walking around you'd assume they were grumps.

  deepunder  |  17

This is me. I look more sad/depressed apparently. I see no reason to smile if you're not doing anything. Wouldn't it look creepier if u see a guy walking with a huge smile on his face, every time he looks at someone?

  datgamerchick  |  14

Oh my gosh, I get this all the time. Sometimes, I just lie and say that I'm tired or something to save myself the embarrassment of saying, "it's just my face".

  rocketshock  |  8

Everybody always tells me their first impression of me was that I was a bitch and hated them because I always gave then dirty faces, but it's just my face at rest:(

By  Mynameislinh  |  24

Maybe you should try to smile more often, it usually brightens up your face. If you already do, I'm not sure what to suggest... Although that was a bit extreme on their part.


Maybe it's because OP doesn't smile when she thinks. Same thing happens to me: I'll be going somewhere with my mom, looking out the window, and she'll just be like, "Why are you so upset?" But in actuality it isn't that I'm upset, I just have a blank face when I think hard. Smile with me, OP :)

  doodlecloud  |  26

Forcing a smile can be just as bad. Makes you feel self-conscious and unable to relax and the smile often appears faked. OP just has Bitchy Resting Face. Not much you can do about that. It's becoming more of a well known thing though so hopefully in the future more people will understand and fewer people will stop telling us sufferers to cheer up!

  mn_shr  |  22

I knew someone like that. Poor thing looked angry and constipated and like she was about to burst in to a fit of rage all at once. Someone had made a similar comment to her that was made to you OP and she gave him a spook one time to show off her 'look and facial expressions' and then lived happily ever after.
Embrace your uniqueness. It made her happy so I'm hoping it will work on you too.