By Anonymous - 23/11/2015 03:17 - Canada

Today, I drove 3 hours to surprise my girlfriend, who I hadn't seen in 3 weeks. When she opened the door, she gasped, told me to fuck off and slammed the door in my face. FML
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Maybe she has multiple personalities. That's the one that doesn't like you.

Probably the same one that has a different boyfriend.


Bit harsh that this is thumbed down I think

Thank you, I really meant it in the best possible way..

#85 I've learned that most people who read and comment on these FML's always seem to downvote stuff that more times than not deserves to be upvoted but we live in a society where being stupid and rude is the norm

It's more the fact that the FML community is tired of seeing the banal comments over and over again xD

Maybe she has multiple personalities. That's the one that doesn't like you.

Probably the same one that has a different boyfriend.

happens all the tims, best thing to do is put a foot forward, to jam the door that is.

That was a 6 hour learning experience.

Yeah. Your girlfriend. Right. And I'm dating Norman Reedus.

She was probably mad they hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks, cuz bitches are crazy like that.

well, I, teething-dog proof samdals and all, would stick my foot in the door until i get answers or a cracked foot, wjicjever comes last

Maybe someone's been telling her bad stuff about you? The only way this seems warranted is if you cheated or something. So maybe someone told her you had been cheating on her? But either way, there should've been signs leading up to this. Have you been talking often in the last 3 weeks? You think she would've given you a hint of how she felt? Of course there's still the possibility that she's crazy and mean and just decided to ended it and thought that was the best way.

I just realized it sounds like I was saying that op missed obvious signs from the girlfriend, and in some way that it's his fault. That's not what I meant. First, I find it weird that she didn't give him any warning signs (which she obviously didn't). This makes me wonder if they were talking a lot during those 3 weeks or not. And second, I was wondering if someone maybe told her you'd been cheating on her or something?

I... What the ****? Did she decide to break up with you and think you would somehow magically know you weren't dating anymore? I don't even know what to think about that behavior. Was she hidIng an alcohol-fueled ogy with 39 people in it or something?

I had to check the location this could of been about me.

Seems like she's hiding something from you...

Yeah....hiding the fact she broke up with him

So what happened next? This needs a follow up...