By raesos91 - 18/09/2012 11:56 - United States - Houston

Today, I decided to look for the horrid stench coming from my bathroom. It turns out my roommate has been throwing away her used tampons in the "trashcan by the sink." That "trashcan" is my old antique vase. FML
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That's disgusting. How hard is it to tell the difference between a vase and a trash can?


That's disgusting. How hard is it to tell the difference between a vase and a trash can?

abceasyas123abc 12

That's beside the point. She should be throwing her used goods in a bin that gets emptied more regularly or tying it up in a bag and putting it in the outside trash!

X_Codes 11

I don't really care how hard it is. You shouldn't be throwing that shit into anything that doesn't have a liner.

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BongRipsForJesus 7

In Texas, a vase is a trashcan. Ahh, American culture...

Oreohugzpenny 4

throw your condoms in her earing box.

b00kn3rd 14
MorganBrown 8

She/ he meant the applicator. The plastic part?

alisidewinder 9

You can flush the applicator but you should not flush the actual tampon. Clogs toilets very easily and can be very expensive and embarrassing to have someone come unclog your toilet and pull out old, used tampons

That is gross, but the difference is pretty obvious.

Yea but they have those stupid "designer" bins now, at places like Kmart. Cheap stuff

SenselessPattern 12

#81 Poor reply button, thinking it would be used for good and getting abused with out-of-date memes and phrases. I hope you don't treat all buttons like that, you pig.

Am I the only one who imagined Ron Weasley saying, "Bloody hell"?

No, NewPotato, I also heard Ron say it. I then imagined the meme of he and Hermione!

eternal7 6

#83 Was right there with you up until you called her a pig. That wasn't necessary.

who the hell puts an "antique" vase in a bathroom? and not even on like a shelf. or something higher than the ground.

It couldn't possibly be for decoration. No sir!

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Yeah, but if there's a vase but no trash can, that's not very practical at all for two girls living there. I can see why she might assume it was just a fancy waste basket.

I would have thought it was a trash can too if it didn't have flowers or candy in it already.

raraisbang 12

Why the hell would you throw a bloody tampon in something that doesn't have a trash bag/liner in it anyways? Even if she did think it was a trash can, that's gross and unsanitary.

Wait until she's out, and then find a discreet spot in her room to empty the vase. Let her live with the smell for a while.

Call a muhfuggin hazmat team. That's disgusting!

No, make her clean it! Have her suffer the wrath of her own stench.

Definitely. But you can't deny that that's gross as hell!

No, she just posted on here because she loves having used tampons in her vase. -_-

Get bloody Mary to clean it out for you it's her mess

Ashlee0715 8

Doesn't she know you're suppose to FLUSH those things! Gross!

You're actually not supposed to flush them - at least most of them - because they can cause clogging of the toilet or the sewer system. So yes, throwing them away is the best option, but preferably somewhere that gets cleaned out every once in a while...

Ashlee0715 8

If they clog the toilet then the pipe is to small or the tampon is to big.

16- Tampons expand in water, and don't break up like toilet paper. Tell me what is safe about flushing them.

Another girl that has no understanding of plumbing, not surprised. Things don't just magically disappear when you flush them down the toilet, they either end up in a wast treatment facility or a septic tank. Tampons and condoms are generally not biodegradable and are therefore considered garbage.

redmane 21

If you read the package, most of them will say not to flush them down the toilet.

gczizza1997 15

You can't flush them if your flushing your tampons then I'm gonna guess your unclogging your toilet somewhere between 4 to 6 times a month

I flushed mine when I used them, and it never clogged the toilet

Ashlee0715 8

Mine are flushable and I do understand plumbing. I didn't know that all of them weren't flushable so excuse me. But to throw them out without the thought of taking the trash out afterwords is nasty.

PreddiePerfect 0

They are already expanded from the blood and i have never had a problem with flushing mine

tearbear14 13

you dont flush pads do you? it's essentially the same concept? although I have flushed them before. Also, just because something says its flushable doesn't mean it is, these companies lie and obviously dont know about plumbing either. I've been seeing in the news a lot about flushable wipes clogging up sewers and stuff because they aren't actually biodegradable.

gczizza1997 15

It's a somewhat honest mistake just talk to her about it, if she keeps doing it kick her ass to the curb because that's gross