By raesos91 - United States - Houston
Today, I decided to look for the horrid stench coming from my bathroom. It turns out my roommate has been throwing away her used tampons in the "trashcan by the sink." That "trashcan" is my old antique vase. FML
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  alisidewinder  |  9

You can flush the applicator but you should not flush the actual tampon. Clogs toilets very easily and can be very expensive and embarrassing to have someone come unclog your toilet and pull out old, used tampons

  jellenwood  |  34

Not true

  raraisbang  |  12

Why the hell would you throw a bloody tampon in something that doesn't have a trash bag/liner in it anyways?

Even if she did think it was a trash can, that's gross and unsanitary.

  Dilwann  |  27

You're actually not supposed to flush them - at least most of them - because they can cause clogging of the toilet or the sewer system. So yes, throwing them away is the best option, but preferably somewhere that gets cleaned out every once in a while...

  whirlednews  |  8

Another girl that has no understanding of plumbing, not surprised. Things don't just magically disappear when you flush them down the toilet, they either end up in a wast treatment facility or a septic tank. Tampons and condoms are generally not biodegradable and are therefore considered garbage.

  Ashlee0715  |  8

Mine are flushable and I do understand plumbing. I didn't know that all of them weren't flushable so excuse me. But to throw them out without the thought of taking the trash out afterwords is nasty.

  tearbear14  |  13

you dont flush pads do you? it's essentially the same concept? although I have flushed them before. Also, just because something says its flushable doesn't mean it is, these companies lie and obviously dont know about plumbing either. I've been seeing in the news a lot about flushable wipes clogging up sewers and stuff because they aren't actually biodegradable.