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Today, in a fit of paranoid hysteria, my mom threw out my phone, claiming the NSA can look through the camera to spy on me. I guess that's why you're still using your own phone to sext your latest boyfriend, eh mom? FML
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It's because she knows the NSA would not want to look at the nasty shit.

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I don't get why people ask "would you like some ice for that burn" when you must, in fact, use cold water. Just wondering...

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Why so technical ? The fact of the matter is that they got burned . No ones going to say " need some cold water for that burn ? " Just sounds idiotic.

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Personally I like to put hot sauce on my burns.

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While the OP is up 1-0 in the Burn War with her mom, Mom leads in the phone category, 1-zip. I'd rather be in the mom's shoes, which are probably slutty high heels.

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Who else thinks that OP's mom is on drugs

It's because she knows the NSA would not want to look at the nasty shit.

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Correction- ALL they want is the nasty shit

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I wish people would understand the government does not care at all what the normal citizen is doing.

Exactly, but those average, normal nobodies are desperate to believe that they're important in life, and that they're worthy of being spied on.

well that's a little naive. I'm not saying that being paranoid is a good thing, but governments do monitor everyone and the littlest things could make you a suspect in their eyes.

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Yea if you're googling how to buy military grade uranium that might set off the alarms. But the many people googling Justin Beiber, and instagraming their food, no ones gonna bat an eyelash over that.

People have to understand that this spying, intercepted communication, personal date collection stuff has been going on for a lot longer than people realize. This is far from a new thing.

Yet how many people will be complaining when the gov't uses that surveillance to arrest people who downloaded music illegally? Or maybe harass some one who has strong political opinion? (Which by the way is something they use to define a "terrorist") Take the IRS scandal and add it to the NSA and you could be targeted just for expressing disagreement with your government.

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And when your ass gets blown up you yell at the gov cause they didn't do enough surveillance

No I wouldn't yell at the gov't. Because whenever people cry out to the gov't they respond by taking away the rights of the people.

I don't understand how as a nation we can go from protesting the Patriot Act to embracing it. What changed? I don't need the gov't to feel safe. I'm not going to live my life as a hermit because I am afraid. Only when you stop fearing death do you really begin to live.

@17 I consider my father a regular civilian, but a few months ago the police was at his door for questioning, because he had been googling information about Syria and posted anti-American pictures on his Facebook.

I have a family member in the military saying that they are trying to make this possible. Spying through cameras. No joke!

my friends gay brother posted on instagram that he's gonna blow up the whitehouse. about a week later, when i was at the house, FBI agents came to the house. we live in Canada where there IS no FBI, so they had to fly out hahahah. he was questioned for a few hours, things like, do you have anything against Americans? and could you get your hands on bombs? and shit like that

Your mum tells you this and you come and post it on FML? Where they can monitor your comments and track your IP? Now that your mum knows another means of how they can spy on you, you will be in their cross-hairs. Your mother obviously has her phone to lull them into a false sense of security. Which you have ruined by posting this on FML. I SAID TO MUCH.

If you have to make an error, don't make it glaring! That's why I couldn't let it pass!

you know you can't actually track an IP? IP only gives a general area. For example I live in Aberdeen, but if you trace my IP it gives Glasgow because that is where the main broadcaster is for BT in Scotland. Only service providers can trace IPs to the exact address and to get that information, the Government has to ask very nicely. Although in saying that... I don't live in the US so I don't know the full powers of the NSA. Maybe they don't need to ask. But it's funny if they do because all other Government agencies do...

They can most definitely track your IP and pinpoint you. The power that they have is pretty mind blowing, and that's not counting what the public does not know.

Just post those sexts to the internet and claim it was the NSA. Sounds like she is dumb enough to believe it.

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I swear some people need mental readjusting in terms of morals, common sense, and compassion (nothing else). FML is full of great examples -_-

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I'm surprised you're able to write and post this considering your mom more than likely raised you. Be happy you don't take after her :-)

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#10, also, the NSA now knows to go spy on the mom's phone if they want to see dirty, titillating stuff.

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Looks like Mom didn't teach you what a smartphone is for, or should I say, a sexyphone. rawr ;)