By Loose Ends - 14/09/2016 23:48 - United States - Waltham

Today, I found out that apparently the pipes for my toilet were never connected, so anything you flush just falls out onto the basement floor downstairs. I've lived here 4 years. FML
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How did you not notice... for four... *******... years...?

trellz17 19

And there wasn't a smell of some sort??


How did you not notice... for four... *******... years...?

Took the words out of my mouth. Does he not have a nose? Or just never use that toilet?

crazyindynathan 13

Maybe it's an apartment building? That's the only rational option I could ever consider.

trellz17 19

And there wasn't a smell of some sort??

I don't see how this is possible. Op, we need a follow up, because you should've been smelling that after the second day, one week at the very latest, so please explain how this went unnoticed and unsmelled for 4 years!

Well I guess if you wanna save money on a septic system...

Guess you could say it's a pretty shitty Ok....I'll just see myself out.......

personally, these are getting friggin annoying. grow some balls. dont "see yourself out the door". if its an overused pun, but you still wanna make it, then make it with confidence. act like nobody has ever heard it before, be proud of it. the funniest comedy shows are done by confident performers.

#16 So.... like this? "I guess you could call that a ... *looks over rim of glasses* shitty situation? aHAHAHAHA *slaps #16 across the shoulder* am I right? am I RIGHT?!? *wipes tear from eye*" How's that?

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23 - They're overused to the point of not being funny anymore.

You haven't gone in your basement for four years?

Damn your basement must be sealed really tight for you to not notice

I'm dreading the oncoming wave of unoriginal "shitty situation" puns.

Sounds like a crappy situation. I'll be waiting for my downvotes now.

Heres a good original pun; sounds like (wait for it) a (wait a little longer while i scratch my nose) absolutely horrid ordeal which must of cost alot of time and money, and must have been very strenous for op. Hows that for a original pun? Just kidding, i think op kinda deserves it, although i would like to know the exact details of this shitty (you can stop waiting) situation. Wheres the follow up?

Hold on, hold on, something is full of shit here. Either it's you or your basement.

How could you not smell that shit....? Pun intended.

I mean it had to smell at one point right? Which then you wound investigate?