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  ohjoy15  |  33

My bad. Read it wrong. :). Sorry! And oh yeah. Definitely. When I'm not at my day job I'm researching rat dream statistics. Time well spent. @15

By  zyero  |  9

Honestly depending on the breed some rats make grea pets, Wharf rats are the largest, what you would consider your typical New York sewer rat but they also happened to be one of the smartest and most trainable breeds, I hear they can get up to the size of a large cat or small dog, and from my experience if trained properly they are a lot less likely to bite than a dog or cat. Just keep an eye on the little bugger because of there is a way to open the cage or aquarium you have em in they will find out how and escape nightly to sneak into your room and curl up with you, cute and all but don't wana crush the little bugger

  sammiaaron  |  16

that movie when the guy was sitting on the toilet trying to keep the lid closed..he chews on toothpicks..dropped the last one and leaned to get it and the thing in the toilet attacked him? (forgot the name tho)