By Meagan smith - 24/08/2011 20:33 - United States

Today, I started my new job as a teacher. Worried about how I looked, I asked a coworker if I looked okay. She said, "You look fine. Just like a normal high school kid." I spent the next half hour convincing her that I was not a student, but a teacher. FML
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I'm a teacher, 25, and look about seventeen. It sucks. I sympathize.

StopDropNRoll 11

Play a joke on your students. Sit down and wait for the the teacher :D


I'm a teacher, 25, and look about seventeen. It sucks. I sympathize.

Majstr 23

I would love to have you for a theacher.

Majstr 23

I would love to have you as a theacher.

Why is that a deal? Yes, maybe you will have less authority, but as long as you seem cool the students will love you if you look like them in comparison to wearing grandma pants up to your belly button

TILF? teacher I would like to ****. Haha to relive all my teacher fantasies in high school. Boy was my calculus teacher sexy.

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Well at least you relate to them! :D

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Don't u wanna look younger? ;)

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Op should have walked into class the first day and sat down in a chair and wait like 20 minutes before saying they're the teacher

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stuff like that happens to me, im a hs senior and adults think im in 9th grade! its really embarressing and awkward, so i feel for u OP. its alright, its better to look younger then older anyway. in 10 years u'll be happy about it

I had a teacher that looked like a student and she loved to mess with the faculty by pretending to cut in the lunch line and wearing hoodies around =P it was great

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I'd rather look like a highschooler when I'm old!!!!

Thank you for beating me to making the TILF comment! (I'm glad I decided to read first before actually posting it!)

That why you dress up more professionally ...especially on your first day. If you're wearing to work what high school students wear, there is something wrong.

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I started teaching middle school this year and spent the better part of my first day politely declining dates from students who thought I was a new kid. LOL This youth thing will work in our favor in 20 years when everyone our age wishes to look as young as us!

We're on the same boat. Also it's really difficult to get a job because administrators believe that the students won't take us seriously as teachers.

Isn't that kinda a compliment? I dunno... The coworker is saying you look young..

Well... at least you look young? Always a good thing.

At least your students will relate better with you

In my experience, when students see that their teacher is young, they assume (usually correctly) that the teacher is inexperienced and a pushover so they take much more advantage of them.


-2 that's not always true. I had a civics teacher and her best friends were geography and history teachers... We called them the Charlie's angels because they'd always wear mini skirts and stand together swinging their keys and acting younger than us. We didn't like them... Preps.... Ick.

There was a teacher in our school that looked like a freshman, lol.

Congrats on your new teaching job! And I thought everyone wants to look younger than they really are...? Eh could be just me.

Couldn't she have shown the other teacher her liscense and her work program for the day?

There are tons of ways to show here co-worker she is a teacher and not a student. Op you should take it as a compliment

Why should anyone care what someone else thinks?

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teachers dont care about appearance silly OP

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Hey, if you look young, that's a plus.

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Not when you are getting mistaken for a student.

Ugh I'm always getting mistaken for a 14 year old despite almost being 21. Just take it as a blessing, when you are 40 you'll look 20 ;)

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you don't look 14 in your picture, fibber

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I'm 20 and people say I look 15. Hopefully when I'm older I'll look way younger. But for now it sucks. :[

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You don't look 14 at all, you DO however look adorable.

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Play a joke on your students. Sit down and wait for the the teacher :D

Had a professor do that once, freakin hilarious

That is bound to lead to overhearing some VERY interesting rumours. Assuming the students know who they are waiting for (i know there was always someone in my class spreading rumours, even about new teachers)

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with a wig and sunglasses, possibly a high school shirt

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I know how you feel I work as a jailer at a police department nothing beats an honest drunk asking if you're still in high school. At least the students won't hit on you like inmates. Good luck

What is your picture of?? I've literally looked at it every different way I can think of, but I still can't figure it

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Recent femur surgery (he explained it on a different fml) ... Or was it knee......?

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Femur is right I read it too lol

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Isn't it good to look younger? Itll be easier to communicate with students too.