Plumbing issues

By Anonymous - 25/01/2010 15:27 - United States

Today, the toilet at my apartment still hasn't been fixed. I have to straddle the bathtub for number 1's and go to Walmart for 2's. FML
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All you fucktards getting on her for peeing in the bathtub need to hop off. Your piss is sterile, so she's not wallowing in her own filth. All you judgemental assholes know that you pee in the tub too so back off. What if she can't use the neighbor's bathroom? Did you idiots ever consider that notion? No? Then get some common sense. Gosh, you dicks act like she can't clean the tub when she's done.


what a slumlord!! pee and bathe in the same place gross

That's not "gross". First of all, a lot of people pee while showering because it's good for athlete's foot, not to mention is easier than going to the toilet. Second of all, I'm sure she rinses it down - it's not like she's just bathing in a tub of urine. And all the soap running down should further clean it.

#16, it actually is really gross. When I was like 6 or 7, I thought it would save time to just pee in the tub while I was in the shower, and I made sure it all went down the drain and rinsed the tub with soap and water. And yet, somehow Mom could still smell it, and I definitely got yelled for peeing in the tub. While you may think it's fine and conserves water or whatever, if other people can smell your pee while they're trying to clean themselves... ewww. The toilet is your friend.

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In a world where a man pees in his own bathtub, and can't go poo. Will he survive? Or poopie his panties? Check it out next summer when DISTRICT 9 is released.

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yeah that is a great cure btw...

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It's not disgusting .... at all.....

why dont you do number 2 outside ;D dogs do it O: deer do it birds do it lol but cant you do what some campers do o_o dig a small whole fill it up with number 2's and bury it

._. this was weird.. i meant to just make the one above this onee a comment but eh oh well :D

IT'S NOT GROSS YOU IDIOT. It's not like they're taking a dump in their tub. Just a bit of urine.

#46 your dumb. you can pee in your sink and it be fine. when your younger you should not because of your situation. do it now, your not going to smell it. btw, peeing in the sink is awesome. thanks Adam Carolla

If you own your own house, and for w/e reason haven't gotten your toilet fixed, YDI. That's so nasty...

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Apartments in the US are generally leased.

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how in the hell does she deserve it?

Just imagine if that hit the news channel. That slum lord would have to get very creative.

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have you asked a neighbor if you could use their toilet? that seems like it might be a little easier...and possibly a bit more sanitary!

hm I suggest taking a shet at the house of the person who manages such crappy apartments.

I agree too. Find where the property manager lives, and keep going to their place whenever you need to crap.. And make sure it stinks !

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Actually, most plumbers wont come for a repair unless the landlord calls them. I had to wash dishes in the bathroom sink for 2 months once, because our landlord wouldnt call the plumber and they refused to come fix it without her authority. Our kitchen sink, and dishwasher, were draining into our basement. We also ended up ruining a bunch of stuff that happened to be in the area of the leak, because we didn't notice it right away. OP probably has no control over fixing it.

actually OP does. it's against the law for a toilet or fridge to be out of service. they have to come at 3 am even. your dishwasher isn't a necessity.

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I wasn't implying that a dishwasher, or kitchen sink was a necessity. Nor can i find any information that says it's illegal to have a broken toilet, and that plumbers are required to respond immediately. Or about fridges for that matter, though it isn't particularly relevant.

Nonsense. Do you realize how many people in the USA do not have indoor plumbing? There is not any law that mandates you must have a toilet, much less have it operational.

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In most cases the landlord is required to maintain the property's features (including plumbing, appliances, etc) that existed at the start of the lease throughout the lease. if you choose to lease a place without a fridge or toilet (or choose to supply your own) that's your choice, but if you lease one that includes such features the landlord is normally obligated to maintain them.

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Why is it "Shame on you?" You're a dumbass. Shut up! The OP did nothing wrong.

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aw sick!! hate that. tho i know wen ur actually in the situation its difficult and so different. ppl shldnt h so harsh. go to a neighbour. is there no public toilet in the apartment block?