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Today, I discovered that most of my family is homophobic while discussing Orange Is The New Black. I've only come out to my sister. FML
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Good luck with the rest of your family !!

I can't believe people are still judgmental of sexuality, 2015


Good luck with the rest of your family !!

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Also make sure you tell them after you leave for college or something. If they're as homophobic as you think, there's a high change they'll kick you out.

It's probably best not to tell your parents whilst you're at college if they're so homophobic that they'd kick you out of the house. You might find that the large amount of funding you need from them for university suddenly dries up very quickly.

@32 - If going to college and they're helping with payments, there's also a chance they'll deny to help out any longer. This makes me so sad

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Happened to one of my close friends. Their parents cut them off completely and they had to take out loans for their last 3 semesters. And had nowhere to go during the summer/other breaks. His parents haven't talked to him since and his sister and brother are always giving him money. it sucks

Don't worry OP, they love you, I'm sure they'll accept you for who you are

Tell that to all the teens who get kicked out of their home

If they are truly homophobic then no they will not accept OP the way they are and there will likely be trouble.

If they're truly homophobic I'm very surprised this is the first OP's heard of it.

My girlfriend is in the same position as OP and there's no way she can come out to her family without getting kicked out. Very catholic people. Sometimes families don't accept their own children the way they are. It's sad but true.

23- I'm sure OP would know if her immediate family were homophobic but my guess is this is about extended family, uncles and aunts and such..

#23 I see what you mean about OP not knowing their family was homophobic. But it's not like it's causal conversation. "Mom, could you pass the Mashed Potatoes, please? Oh I really don't like homosexuals."

Pronounce your love for ruby rose. They'll understand.

Someone who understands me!!!! Poussey!!!!!! ????????????

Everyone knows Ruby Rose's character is just to compete with Wentworth's Frankie.

What the **** are any of you talking about

Let it off your chest, don't worry about it!

What the hell would people down this comment? Are they homophobic too?

Because coming out to severely homophobic family members isn't something you can just "not worry" about. It's probably not the best idea, for OP's own safety

And by not telling them he would have to deal with it all his life and keep it on the down low while living in fear of someone knowing. If I was him I wouldn't worry and just do it, I'm trying to encourage him to live a fearless comfortable life. If that's bad, my apologies.

What's bad about it is that by doing so they could easily be kicked out, disowned, removed from any standing wills, and more. Family is not always forgiving. This could easily be a choice between coming out or keeping good relations with their own family.

If the family can't accept them for who they are they don't deserve to be in OP's life. All of these comments that are thumbs down make me sick. You're no better than OP's family. Instead of telling them to be themself you're advising them to keep their true self locked up. (Not you #5)

Excuse me, but as a girl with a girlfriend who isn't sure if she can tell her parents I can assure you that it's better to WAIT. I wouldn't say forever, but until you are self sufficient so they can't do something like kick you out. It's sad, but op's health is more important.

You're family will except you and all is gonna be fine. If they like that show then in a way, they like lesbian **** so they're just hypocritical in that sense

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I hope you stretched before you attempted to make that reach.

First, it's ACCEPT! Second, do you even know how far homophobia can reach? Third, really, you're just assuming they like ****, much less Lesbian ****.

She's right. They'll except her. As in... "Everyone can live here EXCEPT you!"

I wouldn't worry OP, your family should be accepting and they should love you regardless your sexuality

They should be but they might not. I know a few homosexualists that aren't accepted at home. It's really sad that people don't accept the people they love. If you love someone, then you should love them no matter what.

Is homosexualist like an actual term?(legitimate question here)

I can't believe people are still judgmental of sexuality, 2015

Societal change takes many generations. There are still racists & sexists, so it is not like sexual orientation is going to be any different.

God, it's a new era, FFS it's 2012 and Obama is president!!11!

Some people do have different view points or ethics.

Some people drank the koolaid that says homosexuality is an abomination. As long as that gets passed on to their kids, there will be homophobes.

As pessimistic as this sounds, it will ALWAYS be around, just the other day, a woman verbally abused a 3 year old aboriginal girl for playing dress ups because "Queen Elsa is white!" And the world decided racism was bad long before we decided homophobia was bad

Why? It's their opinion. If they want to be homophobic who are we to say they shouldn't. It's like someone saying they love pizza to their family who doesn't love pizza and hate it with a passion. I can understand how OP would feel, but we shouldn't try and change people just so we can live comfortable. OPs parents are a different story.

I hope for your sake that your family becomes more accepting. All the best Op. :(

Get ready to be thrown out of the house.

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that's bit insensitive m8, dont ya think

You're very insensitive and they was an extremely rude thing to say. Don't listen to them OP. I'm sorry that your family is not very accepting of homosexuals. But my uncle was extremely homophobic until I told him of my sexual orientation. He told me he loves me and accepted me and he is now more accepting of the LGBT community because of me. Moral of the story, maybe they will be more accepting of a family member. Best of luck to you, OP. (: