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Today, I went to the ER for extremely heavy bleeding related to my IUD birth control. They decided the best thing to do was remove it. An exam, two ultrasounds, and three x-rays later, the doctor comes back to tell me what's going on. Yeah, they can't find it. FML
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Hey guys, OP here! First, #14 you made me snort laughing!!! So more information, I know from an ultrasound done a few days before this that my body was trying to expell the iud. The on-call doc I talked to didn't like the amount I was suddenly bleeding and told me to go to the ER where they would most likely remove it. So yeah, I was pretty shocked when the ER doc said it wasn't there! They are certain that it's no longer in my body though and believe it came out during one of my bathroom visits the night before. And that actually makes sense to me because that's when the bleeding began and it's the only time I wouldn't have seen it. I'm doing a bit better, though I don't know what I'll do from here on out as I can't use hormonal birth control. ?

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Unfortunately it's possible to bleed it out of your system, and as you went to the hospital with heavy bleeding and it can't be found I would wager that is what happened. Hope you can get it replaced easily.


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Those were the exact words that first came to me after reading. I sincerely hope they find it soon as it can't have just gone missing. Stay strong OP.

This FML made me cross my legs tightly while reading lol

I guess you should see another hospital / Doctor, nothing is impossible in today's modern equipments and science. Good luck OP, hope you get better soon!

It is possible for IUDs to come out and women not notice that it did.

I'm on the IUD and let me tell you it would be impossible not to know. What probably happened is it became dislodged and is out of place. They warn you about that when they put it in. I personally believe it's worth it though, and I like the IUD better than pills or the depo provera shots.

I had a Mirena IUD expel without noticing a few years ago. It is totally possible and seems likely to be what happened to the OP. (I got another one and have been more diligent about checking strings!)

This is the first real fml I've read in a while, hope everything works out OP! Hang in there

Well that is unfortunate. At least you can't get pregnant?

Oh god. Please don't tell me you mean that.

Unless she is sterile, there is always a chance. But then she wouldn't need the IUD.

You know birth control is not 100% fail safe, right? My friend got pregnant on the IUD and had to have an abortion because her tube burst because it was ectopic. Thay means the fetus was not growing in the uterus instead it was growing in her tube causing it to rupture and bleed out.

An IUD doesn't protect against ectopic pregnancy.

Actually it does guard against ectopic pregnancy- it guards against all pregnancy. It's just that when it fails there's a higher probability that the resulting pregnancy will be ectopic. But the probability of getting an ectopic pregnancy with an IUD is much lower than the probability of getting an ectopic pregnancy without any birth control.

Unfortunately it's possible to bleed it out of your system, and as you went to the hospital with heavy bleeding and it can't be found I would wager that is what happened. Hope you can get it replaced easily.

Yeah, it probably got expelled by the heavy bleeding. If this was the copper IUD, maybe try the gold one which is a bit smaller. Or there is the gynefx IUI, a small copper chain that gets fixated on your uterine wall and thus is less likely to get expelled.

I'm clearly not an expert, but this all sounds very painful. especially the whole chain deal.

#25, the uterus does not have nerves that send pain signals to the brain like the skin does, otherwise women would probably die from pain during child birth. So no, implanting the chain in the uterine wall is not painful. The only thing that might get a bit painful is that they have to open the cervix slightely to get the chain and tool inside the uterus. It's not very bad though, just feels like period cramps.

Um, your uterus does have nerves. There's an entire nerve system for deep organs called the visceral nervous system.

And 82, it depends on the girl. Mostly, it hurts like the worst period cramps you've ever experienced but only briefly then strong cramps for the next day and occasional small ones for the next week. Some girls are lucky though and only hurts a little.

I hope that they either find it soon or conclude that it's come out by itself. Seriously though, if it doesn't show up on x-Ray or ultrasound then they are either all incompetent or it's not there anymore.