By princeronron - 08/09/2015 02:02 - Switzerland - Prilly

Today, I spilled the bowl of cat food I'd just filled. I picked it all up in front of my cat, but he refused to eat any of it. I had to put the food back into the packet and fill the bowl all over again. My cat is a prince. FML
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"You feed me, I am your king." - every cat

DMA0712 22

That's the second cat related FML this week. I think they must be planning something.


I love cats but I hate cats.

daniel271 13


this could end up being a catastrophy

RenoTheRhino 30

A god damn sheep that both loves and hates cats..

"You feed me, I am your king." - every cat

"You feed me, you're my king" every dog

JMichael 25

Both of these statements are ironically true.

#30 Yeah, if you don't know what irony is.

It means filled with iron, right? Neither cats nor dogs are made of iron, so I saw nothing irony there.

Well, there IS iron in blood. That could count.

Dogs have a master, cats keep personell.

Well would you eat anything from the floor? - the cat

My cat will jump down onto the floor to eat if you give him something at the table or on a chair. He also digs food out of the bins. He'll never complain, he's like a dog.

my cat will walk to wherever I am in the house and meow at me to pick him up and put him by his food... but he has no problem chasing down birds and rabbits to bring inside... lazy furball

DMA0712 22

That's the second cat related FML this week. I think they must be planning something.

Cat = 1 Human = 0

Actually, the human did trick the cat, so Human: 0,5 Cat: 1

koganti 18

Cat : it's mine.

He's training you well.

Cats are such arrogant assholes. They're so funny though. They really do think they are the kings.

Wow, you're nicer than I am. I would have just left the bowl just like it was. The cat would get over it.

You mustn't have a cat...

totally agree that licks its own butt how care if he eats off the floor

I'm sorry but what were you trying to say?

I'd do the same

91hayek 31

Pets are weird. Like, they're just animals that live with you. I get the whole need for hunting dogs and stuff in the past, but these days it's just "hi I live here now, deal with it."