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Today, I discovered that if I work out, I can't get an erection, but if I don't work out, my penis functions fine. This wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't a professional bodybuilder. FML
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markrs 0

You're dicksfunctional

Hey having sex is exercise too... The fun kind


Steroids, less pain, now with the same effects as body building!

AaronTkr 0

body builders have disgusting bodies.

I wouldn't say "ouch." A simple solution would be to have morning sex before your workout. It's a win-win-tigerblood situation.

How bout you lay off all of those supplements you guys take

captainTexas84 0

I agree with #9

I agree with #23.

AaronTkr 0

i agree with #27 for agreeing with #23 for agreeing with me.

enonymous 8

You don't need to have an erect penis to have sex ;) sometimes it's ok to be the pin cushion and let someone else be the pin

hellbilly205 17

Probably due to the steroids...

it's all them roids giving you ED not the "working out"

must be all those steroids.

Jammy01jams 2

Erect penis or erect muscle. Choose wisely.

Better bone up on your tongue and finger skills.

Zambaku 9

At least you won't look like that guy with muscle boobs :D

I agree with 34 for agreeing with... Oh, I'm not going through all that. Point is, I agree. =)

^ if you're really a vampire how come I can see a picture of you.

Shes obviously a vampyre not a vampire this aint twatlight i mean twilight

AKSpray 4

Have you taken them or researched them to be knowledgeable about this?

Today, I discovered that if I take steroids, I can't get an erection, but if I don't take steroids my penis functions fine. This wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't a professional bodybuilder. FML. fix'd it for ya

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achillies87 0

It's called overtraining?

Some guys get erections whilst working out because of testosterone and the blood pumping and whatnot. My dick has a 6 pack. :)

maybe it's time to quit the roids?

Better than the alternative: Finding out you can only get erections while you are working out. And when I say while, I mean literally while working out. In the gym. In front of testosterone fueled muscleheads that don't like no queers. ;)

Better than the alternative: Getting a boner only while working out... And yeah, I mean *while* working out, not after! :O

#6 Yeah, maybe not the best solution. Along with shriveled testicles, growing breasts, and lactating, steriods can also make guys unable to get it up.

kelsey_katie 17

Why would you need a boner while lifting weights to begin with..? Edit: I read this wrong, I'm sorry bro. That sucks:(

Stop eating the steroids then and it will all work fine

What I want to know is how the heck did you figure this out!?

73, he couldn't get it up when he exercised, he could when he didn't exercise. Durr.

kelsey_katie 17

But, when exercising, why do you need to get it up to begin with..?

^ you really are blonde aren't you. It means if he works out that day he can't get it up for a while after it.

fauxyhaha 0

^ why the blonde joke, man ???

kelsey_katie 17

Okay. Just because I'm blonde, doesn't mean I'm stupid. That was uncalled for, and rude. I didn't realize what it meant until now.

When receiving a blonde joke, don't acknowledge, don't respond, don't take it as a personal attack. I mean, it's not OUR fault you were born with a slight mental defect.

zakkyzebra 11

152, just because you're blonde doesn't make you stupid. You being stupid does.

mvkmat 0

Stop juicing u meat head and get muscles the real way. Plus ur balls dont shrink

kelsey_katie 17

I'm not stupid. Wtf?

scroll up and see

73: he probably has a sex life. Something you'd have figured out pretty quickly if you had one too..

Your a jaclass

Oh yeah? What if I said gingers had no souls? Huh?! What now?!

Hey having sex is exercise too... The fun kind

tsim_fml 0

Try working out in the women's gym.

Why is it a pic of your butt??

I laughed when I saw 3's comment, pic, and bio. Bio: "I love things that go fast."

You love things that go fast? Well, OP, I do believe we have found you a mate.

I think they can work something out.

Your own muscles turn you on

No, that's just what steroid do..

it could be worse, you could be a bodybuilding porn star

Wouldn't want to be in your place

Yikes. What a hard dilemma: sex or work. Hmmm... (pun not intended)

But will it be buttseck?

Can't see what the conflict is here. Whichever choice he makes he gets to be a big dick.

Tobias5505 0

190 wins the Internet for 1 week, 2 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 28 seconds, starting yesterday. Regarding op, you are deadlocked, but if you already have muscles, just work to keep those, maybe work out monday tuesday wednesday, not on the rest

Women or being able to satisfy the women... That is the question

btown99909 0

you may hAve done too many cock push ups

Nope. Too many roids.

I believe one is really all you can do

markrs 0

You're dicksfunctional

eltapatio16 5

Go to the doctor.

22cute 17

Agreed! That sounds like a sign that you're working out too much. Or at the very least doing something terribly wrong to you body. Why risk your health for bodybuilding?

13, you have an awesome picture!

eltapatio16 5


a_nutritionist 10

@40 not necessarily, erectile dysfunction can occur without "doing something horrible to your body". its possible his supplements are responsible, but youd need to check what hes taking compared to the mechanism responsible for erection. but still, odds are since hes a body builder hes following nutrition advice from those whos signature advice comes down to "proteinz r teh awsum". interesting tidbit, excess protein has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in men...still a good idea? :P