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  smokecloud_  |  37

Yeah, don't be too hard on yourself, OP. It's important to start slow. If you're not used to working out you can't start off running a mile or an intense workout. I've never worked out much, but have always been naturally skinny so I didn't bother. I'm pushing 30 now and my metabolism is slowing down and I've put on some weight. It's pretty well proportioned (I like having a booty) but I'm not happy with my belly pudge. I'm starting simple with some squats and situps and I'll work my way up as it becomes easier. :) Start slow and don't give up OP!

  S1N9UL4R17Y  |  8

The reason old people seem tough now days is because they were not babied like most people are today. growing up they were made to help their parents work, and go play outside instead of sitting inside all day doing nothing.