By Anonymous - 21/07/2015 17:50 - India - Bangalore

Today, I was trying to work out, and couldn't even complete an exercise regime meant for 50-year-olds. I'm 24. FML
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The fact that you're even trying to exercise already puts you ahead of most people.

That's because you have to wait until you're 50 in order to do it.


Don't feel bad, OP. I'm sure I can't even do that exercise regime. And I'm a skinny 17 year old, but I'm just unfit haha

Yeah, don't be too hard on yourself, OP. It's important to start slow. If you're not used to working out you can't start off running a mile or an intense workout. I've never worked out much, but have always been naturally skinny so I didn't bother. I'm pushing 30 now and my metabolism is slowing down and I've put on some weight. It's pretty well proportioned (I like having a booty) but I'm not happy with my belly pudge. I'm starting simple with some squats and situps and I'll work my way up as it becomes easier. :) Start slow and don't give up OP!

The first time is the hardest. The elderly are tough nowadays

"The first time is the hardest" That's what he said! Anyone? No? Okay, I'll go sit in the corner now.

Why would *he* say that? That's basically saying, "Prepare for disappointment!"

The reason old people seem tough now days is because they were not babied like most people are today. growing up they were made to help their parents work, and go play outside instead of sitting inside all day doing nothing.

OP, it could be that they have been working out daily, while you just started. It's awesome though that you are trying and don't give up!

Yeah you gotta start somewhere bro getting in routine is the hardest part but once your a couple weeks into it it gets pretty easy from there.

Nobody's super fit immediately! Keep it up OP!

Everyone has to start somewhere. No one can expect to be perfect straight up! I'm 21 and some older people at my fit club run rings around me.

Don't be too hard on yourself. try 49 year old exercise regime next time

Yeah, take it easy, OP.

That's because you have to wait until you're 50 in order to do it.

Well youre suppose to be 18 to play cod but that doesnt stop 10 year old and make them wait the years.

Zinnnnggg right over your head on that one lol

^^ Fair point

Look on the bright side.. I got nothing

I'm so inspired by this comment. Wow

This comment has changed my life.

MasterTron 24

I accidentally down voted you #38 I'm sorry :(

Don't give up OP. It's just the first day, it'll get better. Isn't this the whole reason of working out? To get better physically.

Everyone has to start some where, the important thing is that you've started :) so don't let anything stop you from improving