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Today, I tore my ACL while doing physical therapy that's supposed to keep me from tearing my ACL. FML
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How do you even do that? What is an ACL?

It's one of the ligaments in your knee that helps keep it stable.

It's your anterior cruciate ligament. It's in your knee, and if you badly tear it, you could need surgery.

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Overextension of your knee, usually

Its honestly not rare at all for it to happen. I know many athletes who have torn there ACL and got back out there and fully recovered but everyone is defiantly different. I went through physical therapy for a knee injury when I shouldn't have been in physical therapy because my knee was not answering well at all to it. Then again everyone is different and I wish op the best.

your acl is your anterior cruciate ligament it's in your knee. it keeps your tibia from moving anteriorly. you tear it by planting your foot and twisting your body inversely so the top part of your leg twists in. and it tears the acl

There are either a lot of doctors on here or they just used google

Hey, I was only stating the obvious. I was just in the moment of being one of the first five people cx

Well I know what expression I'm going to use from now on.

Isn't that the way life usually works? ..Feel better!

#6 No I don't think that's how life usually works. I don't know what's wrong with your hospital if you think this is normal

Hope you get better op! But the irony is real

Well say goodbye to your athleticism while that heals.