By Ashleigh - 02/03/2012 22:53 - Australia

Today, I installed an alarm app on my phone. Turns out, to unlock the phone and get the ringing to stop, I have to answer a maths question. It took me ten minutes to get it right. FML
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Hmmm. That seems like..... Quite a problem......

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Lol what is that app called it's pretty cool and btw YDI for not knowing math


Hmmm. That seems like..... Quite a problem......

WeAreAHurricane 14

Why would you get an app if it already comes with the phone?

Just delete the app. If you have an iPhone, you already have an alarm.

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I am speechless at your dumbness...

iamwilson12 4

I have an app just like that on my Android phone. If it's the one I'm thinking of, you have the option to turn off the math questions for dismissal.

It would suck even more if OP's mom taped OP's iPhone to a toy car and drove it around the bedroom

The_Moustache 6

Or OP's mom could just wake him up if she's there anyway...

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My brother has that app it's really annoying...

I have my alarm set for 5:00 am. And you know how people say don't use a song you like because you'll hate it? I used 'I hate everything about you' since it was in my ringtones. I find it ironic. I don't hate it, but it is slightly annoying how loud the song is at 5:00.

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Haha. Very original... O wait that's from another fml

It is a problem! My fiancé secretly installed that app on my phone and I didn't know. So when I woke up to an alarm for a breakfast with my sister, he wanted to sleep in.... But it backfired cause I stared at it dumbly wondering why my phone did that and I had to wake up more to answer the question

Anybody else notice it says "maths problem"?

just be glad it wasn't an English question..

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Lol what is that app called it's pretty cool and btw YDI for not knowing math

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Back to the third grade you go! Go on now.

#17 - Yes #2 has used punctuation before, infact #2 used punctuation in that comment. Also you failed to start a sentence with a capital letter. - #17's comment before s/he edits it: "2 - ever used punctuation before?"

The one u have is Alarm Clock Extreme for Android.

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If it was square root of 69 he would of had it I bet.

nofearjenshere 12

The square root of 69 is 8 something, right, but I've been trying to work it out.

32 - ok but I was fairly sure starting the sentence with a numeral followed by a dash means no capital required. If not then my bad.

alarm clock xtreme free is the name might be a diff one but thats the one i use that makes you solve math problems XD

corabroc 6

What app was it? Sounds like something i need....

I have three theories: 1). The OP sucks at math. 2). The math problem was so hard that OP had to look back to their calculus textbook. 3). The OP is just plain stupid. I dont think we should be so hard on the OP because he/she is only human, so I'm going with 2. What do you guys think? :D

I'd hate that alarm, I suck at math so I'd be so frustrated!

I bet Op was awake after ten minutes of alarm blaring!

what's with FMLs about annoying alarms lately

sounds like the 'sleep' app i have on my android

get your own comment you thread jacking douche

#4 there's always a trend. Like recently we've had two ikea related ones; and two babysitter vegetable fmls too. A whole lot of gender confusion and job resume fails are posted on this website. I think the staff add 1/2 FML's daily because there aren't that many good ones posted (try moderating them).

I do try to moderate often but get frustrated by prepubescent girls using text language complaining about how "he luuks at oter gurlz evn doe he noez I luvem mor den anytng end teh wurld"

@RadikulRam: We get thousands of submissions per day, but we publish a dozen or so of them. We still read most of them, but but your voting helps a lot.

I read that one, 48! I clicked "yes". I mean, she does "lovem mor den da otha baby mama's baby."

#4- I have that same problem moderating. I go through and the majority of them are like that so I get pissed off and end up exiting the app. I understand mistakes in spelling but who the **** is going to take the time to translate that shit?!

sirin has the FML team considered an intelligence test to be required before allowing access to certain features of the site such as submission and commenting [not a hard test but basic grammer and common sense (common sense could be taken from the submission pass because how many great FMLs would we be without if people used common sense)]

Where would the fun be if we couldn't laugh at idiots? The kind of people who posted "maybe cuz u cant spell 'math' right", "basic grammer", etc. on this FML, for example. They're gone now, but you catch my drift.

Since those people you laugh at are gone, why don't you correct "maths" on the fml?

Because it already is correct. Now stop asking stupid questions before I turn you into a kumquat.

O.o my total thought of reality has just flipped.

sorry OP, that sucks... but that's kinda awesome at the same time :P

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Not really, the ringing wakes you up and the math problem probably stimulates the brain slightly. Sounds good to me, I might try looking for it to see how it works out.

Who wants to do math in the morning? Picking out a pair of socks is hard enough.

I have no pity for you, did you not read the information section? Surely it would have mentioned that! Either way, uninstall it.

I am on agreement with this chick... Ya deserve it.

Why not use a regular alarm clock, so you dont have this problem again?

Anai08 17

Considering you spelled "math" wrong, you must not be too good at spelling either. >_>

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Time to start studying for when you wake up!