By pottyhostage - 08/11/2010 21:26 - Sweden

Today, I freaked out when I couldn't get my bathroom door open. After ten minutes of panic when thinking about how I'd be stuck there for at least 8 hours until my roommate would get home, and another five mentally going over survival skills, I realized that I had forgotten to unlock the door. FML
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lmao! You fail. :) But s'all good.. we all have those kind of moments at some point in our lives 0:-)


1# really? "oh" is all you have to say? lol

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you should get LifeAlert or something lol

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I was going to be 1st with a long thing then my Internet wen out. and alll u have to say is "oh".... http and take your fail with you.

i can comment if i want. too bad. get over it. idiot.

#26, imagine using onstar for being stuck in your bathroom :D

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"Hello, this is Onstar. What is your emergency?" "I'm locked inside my bathroom! Oh my god! HELP!" "Try to relax, ma'am. Have you tried to unlock the door?" "" "We appreciate your service. Even though you are the dumbest customer we have ever served. Goodbye."

"you are so dumb.. you are really dumb fo' real" :)

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#37 youre right..OnStar is a better choice :D

66, WHY THANK YOU :) .. yours is uhm, okay I guess ? :p

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#63 he looks as though he would rape someone... correct?

69, exactly my point! at least I'm not the only one who thinks that :)

run and tell that run and tell that, homeboy home, home, homeboy

The rapist look is in ladies where have u been?

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Keep it respectful guys. We have a private messaging system. :-) Thanks!

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80, it's fun to break the rules

84, complaining will just get you banned. trust me it's never worth arguing with the mods.

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was that comment directed at me 75?

Comment moderated. (due to irresistable hilarity)

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Our rules are set in place. If we keep it clean, things will run smoothly and everyone will be happy. If you have any questions, concerns or confusion, feel free to shoot me a message. :-)

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my 1ST moderated comment. ^_^

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sooooooooooo basically u were retarded for a WHOLE 15 MINUTES!!!!???? fyl. get over it.

u r the one who wrote comment moderated not the mods

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You are worthy of a Darwin award my friend.

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why would she go over survival skills. she would be in a bathroom with acsess to water.

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im in my disney shit, goofy flow

Only a girl would need survival skills in the bathroom. Or shes just a freak.

What would you have done? None of you can understand because none of you were there. You don't think about what's right and wrong when you're just trying to survive. Right and wrong, those are just words... they don't mean anything. When you look around at you and all you can see is death - And all you can feel is the hunger. What would you have done?

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haha, this isn't a fml this is an epic fail

195, she was locked in a bathroom. She did not "see death all around her". And if you can't keep a level head when stuck in the bathroom, you're obviously either retarded or very paranoid... Or both. And in that situation, I would've probably kicked down my bathroom door if no one were there or coming back soon. Doors are easy to kick down. OP was like "OMG I R STUK IM GONNA DIE BC MY ROOMATE WONT COME BACK FOR EIGHT HOURS!!!!! OK I NEED TO RATION ALL THE STUFF TO EAT IN HERE BEFORE I DIE!!!!! Total YDI for freaking out over a locked door....

LMAO- way to take me seriously, 211 - you're going to go far in this world. if I may be so bold, YDI for not seeing the humor in the situation. We all have had these moments in our life, or something like them; although I have to admit ten minutes seems excessive.

195, I hope your trolling or being sarcastic. She wasn't in a jewish concentration camp or stuck in the woods or something like you make it seem, she was stuck in a bathroom. For what she thought would be 8 hours - which is completely survivable. Death all around her? Hunger? Lmao. Besides she had running water... Edit : So you were kidding. I fig'd.

Look around while locked in the bathroom and all you see is ----- wait for it ----- the button that unlocks the door.

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I wouldn't say silly. More like incredibly stupid.

more like a retarded monkey on crack* fixed your post^

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whata fail you noob!! how do u nOt realize that!? that's the first thing I would check! dohh!!

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I pity you! Try not to swallow your tongue..

You can't swallow your tongue????????!!!!!!

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I tried, I can't. so u can't. lol I'm jk I kno u can. if u have a seizure or something right?

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I want to meet your uncle just to see him swallow his tongue is that weird?

It's pretty simple actually, all you have to do is detach it >:D

lmao! You fail. :) But s'all good.. we all have those kind of moments at some point in our lives 0:-)