By pixie09 - United States
Today, I got sentenced to 20 hours community service for having a boy in my room an hour after floor hours. If I don't do the community service, I could get kicked out of the dorm and put on probation at my college. We were breaking up. FML
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  klutzycleo  |  5

Seriously, when you're such a (likely) highly emotional situation like breaking up, who the hell stops to think about a stupid rule like that? I'd make a stink about how unfair the sentence is, because of the circumstances that brought it about

By  ThomwithanH  |  0

My college didn't have any rules like that, but even still that seems a bit excessive... I was an RA and I saw less severe punishments for things much more serious than having visitors over after hours.

  claireful  |  4

if she attends a private/Christian university they can (and almost always do) implement rules like that. the rules are usually somewhere along the lines of no boys in the room with the door closed or after midnight.

  jairolover  |  25

because the college has rule, these hours aren't required by law. just by the school and if she doesn't complete them she won't be able to live on campus anymore.