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Today, I saw a weight loss 'before and after' advertisement and I wished I could at least look like the 'before'. FML
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You can! it takes hard work, but you can do it. eat healthier and move around more, I believe in you ;)

Hate to break it to ya sweetheart but no one force fed you all those oreos


You can! it takes hard work, but you can do it. eat healthier and move around more, I believe in you ;)

Eat healthier? Thats got nothing to do with it.

are you stupid? just changing how you eat will help you lose weigh wow your stupid

If you don't want to excercise, then just cut down the portions you consume. For example, instead of eating a pound of potatoes, eat half a pound. By cutting your portions in half, you are only consuming what food you need for fuel...anything more is just not necessary.

Um yes it does.

#45 you're an idiot

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yeah, you're sure to get thin on a diet of mcdonalds, krispy kreme and cola amirite?

I love it when people say 'wow your stupid;' it really makes you worry about the standard of education offered. Although I do agree. Balanced, healthy diet and a good amount (at least 30 mins a day) of exercise is key. Also, a lot of water helps. I'm doing Food and Child Development at GCSE, I know what I'm on about :P

I lost ALOT of weight just by watching what i ate dumbass

I am 6 feet and 160 pounds. I work in an office and spend most my time sitting, don't work out, I eat anything I want and lots of it and can't gain weight for sh*t. The moral of that is, I guess it's a mixture of your genetics as much as your diet. Some people just have to work harder than others to stay in shape. I have a severe disgust with obese people, not overweight or chubby people, but massively fat (400lb+) people. It really shows a lot about their character. When you see an obese person, you think that person has absolutely no willpower, discipline or any self respect. There is NO reason you should have let yourself get that big unless you have some sort of medical condition and even then, there are ways to maintain a certain level of healthiness. My girlfriend was a little on the chubby side but she looked healthy and I absolutely adored her body contrary to her opinion of herself. She decided she wasn't happy with how she looked (despite my honest opinion that she is perfect) and now wakes up early to go to the gym before she goes to work as well as quit fast food and started watching her calorie intake. In the past year, with her dedication, she looks amazing and she did it all on her own because she wanted to. I've very proud of her and if she could do it, anyone can. There are more difficult things in life than putting that cheese burger down, I really don't understand the mentality of people and their addiction to food...

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hahahahahahaha GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO WAT IM DOIN! WORK THE FUCK OUT!!! RUN FUCKER!!!! BEING FAT IS FUCKING LAME!!!! SO... take my advice and everybody else's.... and get off your ass! mmkay?

It's simple physics, let's make an analogy, ready? Lets take a water balloon. A water balloon only gets as big as the amount of water you put in it, right? Some water balloons might have a small leak in them (a higher metabolism) so they don't fill up quite as much as unleaky ones BUT if you don't put water in the balloon to begin with, it will not get bigger, leak or no leak. People are the same way, there is no way you can get fat if you don't put fat in your body so there is your maintenance plan right there. Eat healthy and at least you can stop gaining weight. Trust me, you can't gain weight from eating a salad, no matter if you have a slow metabolism or a thyroid condition or whatever. Then the next step is a little harder, ready for this? Take notes... Move. Yes, move your body. Walk, run, exercise, dance, have sex. This will burn the existing fat you have. If you are really really fat, you won't be a super model but at least you won't be repulsive and it looks like you care about yourself. People always get offended at those who dislike fat people. It's not a prejudice or ignorance. Prejudice would imply that you are hating someone for preconceived ideas that have no basis. Hating fat people has a basis. Just by looking at someone who is over weight, you can assume that they don't care about their self image or themselves which means they don't care about other aspects in their lives, that they have no willpower when it comes to food and in turn, possibly in other areas of their lives, no discipline which can translate to other areas as well. Remember, being fat just isn't a physical condition, it's a mental issue as well. There is a reason other than food tasting good that people feel the need to shove massive amounts of it down their throats. That being said, you can tell that weigh isn't the only issue they are facing...

@84 You deserve to die. Period. Please. Go kill yourself for the sake of mankind. @ OP: Awww sad :-( I believe in you, just work hard and eat right!

longest coment evar!!!!!!^

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I've never been over 125lbs and I barely do anything so just do whatbi do and run

82 - Some people eat for comfort. Eating can be a way with coping with things. People that use food for comfort generally are larger than others. Every single time they're feeling down, they go ahead and take a handful of chips. That makes them feel bad about themselves, and then they go and have some pizza. It's and endless cycle of just eating. It does a lot to your body, and losing weight can be harder than skinny and healthy people understand. Pregnancy weight can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and there is fat almost everywhere. It can be disgusting to see the 400+ pound people. But I can't be disgusted unless I know it's just that guy that scarfs down cheeseburgers 24/7.

I think you mean what. Is it really that hard to add a h to it you twat

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Get liposuction.

Maybe they're also underweight. We don't know.

It's all those ribs and beans, but especially the brisket. YDI for living in Texas. (I'm kidding, plex, if you read this.

hmm I didn't even notice he lives in Texas... abandon all hope of diets, ye who enter the land of fatty delicious country goodness. mmmm

Didn't I see deep fried flavored butter at the Texas State Fair? Or am I just imagining it now? Mine didn't even have deep fried candy bars!

I just realized my somewhat-boyfriend is from Texas. Smart move, Rachie.

You are only partly right, Toxi. Two of the biggest reasons we have a hard time with our weight is Texas are: 1) "Everything's bigger in Texas" certainly applies to food portions. If you go to a restaurant and aren't served a mountain of food, you feel cheated. If we were out there driving cattle or drilling oil wells with our bare hands, that would be OK, but it's 2-3 meals for ordinary cube monkeys. 2) It is so ******* hot and humid here that outdoor activity is very unpleasant from May through September. So, now that we've larded up the OP with a couple o' more excuses, he should go get him a bag of jalapeno sausage and cheese kolaches and comb the personals of the "Houston Press" for chubby chasers or plumpa humpas.

Hahahahaha. plexi, if you are even the least bit typical of "plumpas", I'm a convert. I know what you mean though. Tennessee is the same way. You get a HEAP of deep fried food, and dessert is served on as huge a plate as the main course. Hmmm, "everyyyythiiiing" is bigger in Texas? ;) It's not that hot here. People do work outside a lot, since only a small amount of the population has the intelligence to qualify for a cube monkey position. They just gorge themselves endlessly. TN is one of the fattest states, last time I checked. I basically have two options: become a chubby chaser, or be single until I move away. Jalapeno sausage!? I want some! Also, LOL at redbluegreen. "Smart move".

_THE_MASTER_ 0's not your fault. It really isn't. It's not your fault that you gorge yourself and fattenned up like a pig for slaughter. Or that you don't know what portion control, healthy food, or excersize is. Really. how about you GET YOU FAT ASS UP AND TAKE A FUCKING WALK. ****** hell. is it that difficult to go out in the mornings and walk a mile everyday. i used to run every morning, and every night. all while on 2 packs a day. you have nobody to blame but yourself. ****** christ. after children, the elderly, and convicts, fat people are the most coddled group in this country. I swear, if i ever get elected president, there will be mandatory death camps for all unhealthaly large people. Did I say death camps? I meant happy camps. Just joking...but there will be mandatory fat camps. there will be no tolerance or excuse for obesity. and you will certainly see your days of having you hand held throughout your cholesterol-induced diseases, too...cause there won't be any of that bullshit once I'm in the big boy chair. I dunno who said it on the other FML, but I'll take a page from their book. GTFO my interwebs, not because you're stupid, but because you'll exceed the weight limit. p.s. Plumpa humpas has got to be the funniest thing i've ever read in my life. thank you Plexico.

While a bit harsh, I agree with you. I mean, I'm all for people doing what they want to their own body, but the second they have children or are around children, it's a whole different story. A bit overweight is whatever, but someone who just leads a sickeningly unhealthy lifestyle and their health is awful because of it...well they're not a good role model. Same with people too far underweight. It's just like being a drug addict: I don't care about the emotional reasons behind it. I'm sure it's hard to change something like that overnight. And if you want to be a drug addict or morbidly obese, that's your own choice. But don't take others down with you. Don't expect to be catered to either. I hate how restaurants have the tables set a ******* MILE away from the chair so that people who are waayyy beyond the point of healthy can be accommodated to. Would you like it if the restaurants provide free sterilized needles and crack pipes as well? Ugh. /rant P.S. plexico, in my previous comment, I didn't mean to call you a "plumpa". I was trying to say, "if there are plumpas out there as awesome as you, then I'm now a plumpa humpa." :/

Toxi, no need to apologize. I am a bit of a plumpa, and the thought of you converting to being a "plumpa humpa" was kind of nice. That is, assuming I am going to be the plumpa you want to humpa. If I just inspired you to seduce the next fatty you saw walking, check that, waddling by your house, it would not be such a great honor. ;) _THE_MASTER_, I love that phrase, too. It really caught my imagination when I read it and has finally displaced Dirty Sanchez from my warped mind. I'm glad I could share it with you. It would be just my luck that the phrase (and ensuing belief) would become popular just as my weight-loss efforts are finally going well.

Haha, I highly doubt the next plumpa waddling by my house would compare to you. I also highly doubt you qualify as a plumpa in the sense that anyone attracted to you must be put in a class of people with odd fetishes. It replaced Dirty Sanchez? NOTHING can replace Dirty Sanchez. Hey, on the bright side, you can always be different. When (not if, at this rate) being overweight is considered the sexiest trait, you can appeal to the few who prefer people with a more average weight.

#61 - FTW!

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plex- he needs to go to hilje smoke house to get the best kolaches :) its in between el campo and edna. or the halletsville kolache fest they have some really good ones there too. OP try to cut back on the calories you eat and/or start to exercise. ive been saving up for a treadmill so i can exercise since the birth of my son. i love to run outside but lets face it its just too damn hot and humid here in texas it kinda sucks. good luck :)


Lolz. You all need to come to the east coast. theres this great spot of the Jersey Turnpike called the greasewheel. they have a burger there you need to hold with a vice to eat it. Then go to Port Chester, NY, and find a little hole in the wall called hubba's. a friend of a friend had 2 chili-cheese steaks, 3 chili dogs, 3 chili cheeseburgers, and a large chili one night, and described the next 18 hours of his life as "full throttle." he was seen on campus by my friend that day, looking sickly white and barely able to move, and managed to get the words "If I had money, I'd do it all over again." before he passed out. Then hit up a place in lower westchester called candlelight, and get some Chernobyl wings. Hottest wings on earth. if you live through all of that, you get 20 "man-cards" even if you're a woman.

too long. will not read.

LOL! Sorry but its funny!

*sticks finger down throat* We can do this! Together! Who's with me?!

I am! *sticks finger down YOUR throat* This can be just like 2 Girls, 1 Finger... ;) OP: Do you expect sympathy? "Today, I'm fat. FML" NO, no, no. It's (more than likely) your fault. Do something about it or shut up. That's like saying, "Today, I realized I haven't been sober in 15 years. FML" Well it may be hard to change your life, but if you don't, no one is to blame but you.

Wow Toxi, that was deep. And very true.

Thank you. :) And to your other comment, I would soooo eat deep fried candy. I have an inner fatty that is waiting until middle age to come out. Luckily, I'm hot until then.

I have an inner fat kid too. And an inner anorexic kid. It's a difficult battle. I'll make a shitload of sweets and then feel incredibly fat and not eat, due to how I feel about it.

can we have a fatty foodz party one day?

Yes, Twinny. ♥

I do that too. I'm like a binge/purge person, replacing purge with starve.

The person in that ad got paid to quickly gain weight to become the "before". Not so great shoes to be in... Good luck with getting healthier, your life will improve in many areas (see

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You can (: it just takes effort and some motivation

Love yourself the way you are, or ******* improve your diet and exercise regimen. Im heavy and am comfortable with myself.

Hate to break it to ya sweetheart but no one force fed you all those oreos

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haha AMEN

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its annoying to hear people whine about things like this on this site. nothing crappy actually happened to you, YDI for being lazy and unhealthy.

You deserve it for first watching tv and then typing about it on a computer.. GO TO THE GYM