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By  cariboucontainer  |  20

The bunny just needs to be spayed/ neutered.

They are actually really territorial and pee to mark its territory. But are really good at being litter trained, especially after they've been spayed/ neutered!!

They also become a lot more docile and won't hump things after surgery.

Also! Spaying/ neutering is super healthy for them, it helps them live longer and decreases a chance of a lot of diseases!

Also just watch your cat and the bunny, bunnies are prey animals and cats are predators so (not assuming anything about the cat) but it may have the potential to go very arwy
Hope this helps :)

By  SJKatt  |  10

Rabbits can be litter trained, as well as a variety of other training, like cats and dogs. I'd recommend you BOTH join a rabbit forum or group, learn all you can and either rehome the rabbit if you can't commit to it, or commit to it. They are wonderfully smart pets, and they deserve the same amount of love, care and attention as a cat or a dog.